Monday, January 01, 2018


                        HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Yes, I'm back.  The year off was fruitful.  I started 2017 with a motto from the play Hamilton, "I'm not going to miss my shot."  I pushed myself to follow through with a one-woman Photography show at two different gallery spaces.
I followed through with my idea to be an artist in residence at my local library for a week. I also taught a free art class at the same library and while I was occupied doing these things the library was hosting my one-woman Mixed Media exhibit, "Thanks for all the Fish"

Pulling these off, getting ready for them, doing the grunt work was interesting, exhausting and I am grateful, so very grateful for the help of my art buddies that helped hang pieces, my loving husband who supported me and also helped hang pieces and my cheerleader, Riley.
Pushing myself to meet those goals I also had another goal in mind.  Since John and I are responsible for co-parenting (90%) of the time our 8 1/2-year-old granddaughter, Riley I was concerned about my weight and my Diabetes Type II. 

I decided to have Gastric By-pass surgery.  I started the program in April through the University of Wisconsin Health and let me tell you the program was thorough and intensive.  I am guessing at the original meeting there were probably 30 people in the room ready to start the program.  By June 6th when I had my surgery only 8 of us were left. Making the commitment to making a lifestyle change, following closely and faithfully the suggestions, hints, requests, doing the homework that the staff gave us wasn't always easy. It left very little room for anything else in our lives.
I felt like I was juggling eggs!

I am now past the six-month mark and down 70 pounds. That experience is for another day but let's leave it at, I feel great.  The diabetes was gone, NOT in remission, right after surgery, according to the lab work. It still seems to be a mystery as to why this happens but I'm happy.  I needed to do what I could do to make sure that I was as healthy as I could be for this little girl.


I am a fan of Jamie Ridler Studio and the courses she offers. One I have taken is a Planning Session for the year. While working on my Vision Cards for the new year it came to me quite clearly that I wanted to explore both old and new techniques, ideas, skills/talents, etc. I wanted to take them to the next level.

I also want to set up the blog a little differently so if I can do it here at Blogger, I will stay but if not I will let you all know where the blog will be moving. 

Things to be looking for in the future, photography, mixed media, fiber art, Anything Can Happen Day (I was a devoted fan of the ORIGINAL Micky Mouse Club), Inspiration Monday (and that has nothing to do with inspirational quotes, vegetarian cooking, Earth Mama Magic, thanks to some wonderful interviews by Alexis Cohen and what I am learning in my Masterclasses.  Right now I am taking a class with Annie Leibovitz (I have to pinch myself when I see that in writing because she is just sooooooooo great). And, then there is the continuing saga of Z'bea, it's been a while and the Adventures of Gray Bear and Friends.

So, when I pop up in your email feed, grab a cuppa and come sit a bit and visit.
I'm glad to be back.


  1. Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius. "I'm not throwing away my shot" has inspired a lot of people to action. Good for you, Bea!

  2. Yes he is and thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. :)Bea