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January 2017
When I used to look up a word in the dictionary I would find myself wandering page after page looking at other words of interest. The Internet can be the same way for me now.  I will be sent a link from a friend, check out the link, find another interesting link within that one and the chase is on.

This January I was making a list of the things I would like to teach to adults and to teenagers. I've made similar lists before but time, life issues and ok my own laziness haven't produced any results. 

This year after receiving the cd set of Hamilton, the musical I realized that the song, MY SHOT, really spoke to me.  It's now, now then or later for me, it is right now to take the risk, do the things that I think I want to do and do them.

My personal inspirational word for this year is Clarity.
It is seeing what I need to do, what I want to do and getting these two lists into action so the unexpected can arrive. I consider it a "cleaning house" type of physical activity. 

I also consider the entire month of January a time for reflection, redirection, action and commitment. I no longer make New Year's resolutions. I work those thoughts and ideas into a plan for the entire year and for me that takes more than one day to set up.

One of the links that I was fortunate enough to stumble across came from a Pinterest picture on collage.  Following the link, I found myself on the website of Janie Ridler Studios,  A thoroughly delightful, warm, professional individual with a wealth of information at her site. 

One thing lightbulb moment while I enjoyed her website was a reminder of the value of keeping a journal or journals.  I have, over the years kept many of them. And, despite how valuable they have always proven to be, for one reason or another they get neglected or forgotten. Ok, I know the reason, I become unbalanced.  I allow portions of my life to overwhelm me.  I let my boundaries bend and in some cases crumble. 

I come back to balance, sometimes easier sometimes harder than I thought.

January 2018
This year the word for the year is EXPLORATION. I'm not planning on going off on any wild excursions.  It has more to do with exploring deeper that which I already know or have been exposed to. 
While doing my Vision Board for the year I noticed that I kept finding familiar things that seemed to want to be on the board. 
One of those things was Yoga.  When John and I first arrived in Wisconsin in 1969 I took a Hatha yoga class from Ellie Berger at the women's Y, downtown. I may have had a "girl crush" on her because I took the class for five years, adored her and fell in love with yoga and meditation.
One of my very strong beliefs is that EVERYONE I meet and talk to for any length of time has something that I NEED to hear and they NEED to hear something that I have to say to them. Now the what that is can often be a mystery to people that are just applying this belief system in their own world. Now I tend to just keep those conversations foremost in my mind as I continue down the path.
From my vision board to a Christmas Eve party I went and during the course of the evening, I had rather two different conversations with people that were telling me about a yoga studio that they attended and how much I would enjoy it. I did not initiate those conversations and as I have said, I pay attention to these kinds of things.
I visited Perennial Studio.  It is actually a place I have gone by many times after dropping Riley off at her school.  Walking in the door I could feel the beautiful energy in the building. I signed up for a month's pass that would allow me to try different classes.  Silly me.  The first class I went to yesterday morning is the one for me.
Now, I haven't done Yoga for 50 years but apparently, the positions, the purpose of the stretches has never disappeared from my brain bank. Muscle memory is an amazing thing. I went through the entire hour-long class keeping up with the regulars.  When I couldn't or wouldn't kneel because of how weird that feels with artificial knees I adjusted the position so that I could still get as much benefit from it as possible. After the meditation time at the end of class, I was sufficiently spacey that I couldn't find my glasses until someone kindly pointed out that I had hung them on my t-shirt.
I stood in front of the tea bar in their cafe and carefully read the directions for using the loose tea. I carefully put my scoop of loose tea in my cup, added the hot water and sat down to watch it seep. When I say spacy I mean spacy. After taking a sip and realizing it had to be strained and taking tiny little tea leaves out of my mouth I also realized that in taking the class I had truly opened up energy passages in my body and mind. Feeling like I could finally drive home safely I went to the area where we had hung up our coats and stared at all the coats. I knew mine was in there somewhere. I looked under all the coats hanging on hooks on top and couldn't find my coat.  So I did was good old people do I went and sat down again to wait for my coat to decide it was time to go home. After picking some more tea leaves off my tongue I once again attempted to find my coat. AH, success! Now, I was ready to drive.  I want you to know that I did get home safely AND I carefully brought that cup of tea home with me. Not that I really had any plans to drink it now but it seemed to represent something I didn't quite understand and it needed to be tended.

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