Thursday, January 04, 2018

Here's the skinny.

I am a big believer in NEW BEGINNINGS.  I had my new box of 24 crayons, for school all ready to go, when I was 8.
NEW BEGINNINGS get harder as you get older.  We may make the choice but get bogged down in details and get derailed.
A while ago I posted my thoughts on BALANCE, etc. and I bet some of my regular blog viewers thought, WTH!
What's up with this?

A year ago at Christmas time, I found out that my adult daughter was suffering from an addiction and she had been dealing with for the past four years.   Her daughter, my granddaughter has now become my prime concern.  Our care of her which was almost full time for the past year four or more years is now almost 98%.
This is not a problem but it did force a number of changes in my lifestyle.
I send my daughter prayers and love and hope that she can find the WANT and NEED to make the changes in her life.  It is not something that I can do for her.  I have set my boundaries and they are firm.  My sole concern is my granddaughter, a bright, happy, well-adjusted kid that longs for a "normal" set of parents but will be happy with her loving grandparents.

Taking a look at my list of priorities last year I noticed that I had moved SELF CARE & HEALTH right off the list.  In the first few weeks of working on my focus journal, I found that I
often had little in that focus area other than, Go to the gym.
With this new news about my daughter, I needed to take a good hard look at my well being.
I was officially classified as obese.  I think the word that the medical establishment likes to use is morbidly obese.  I get it.  I've been off and of, up and down, inside and out on diets since the birth of my first child, ok, before that.  I've done stupid diet, happy diets, disgusting low-calories, hospital-sponsored, liquid diets. I've taken pills that dropped the weight and made me dance with joy and when snatched out of the medical professions collective hands, watched that same weight come back on in lighting speed and doubled just in case I planned on doing something stupid like that again.
Long story short I had a talk with my doctor and with her support I made the decision to have Gastric By-Pass Surgery.  I did not take this lightly.  I did the research.  I talked with people.
One of the diseases that I had because I was obese was Diabetes Type II.  It was under control but I do not want this particular disease.  I could lose weight and it will go into remission but if I gained it back, it would return.

I had the surgery, and the doctors admit that they do not understand why this happens,  but before I had even left the hospital, the Diabetes Type II was gone.  Lab test showed my numbers were well within the normal range.

I am now well past the six-month mark and down 70 pounds.  I feel great. I have a 4-ounce tummy which allows me to eat,  s l o w l y  about a cup and a half of food at a meal.  I eat PROTEIN first then my veggies and fruits.  I have two protein shakes a day with fruit and whey. I do not drink, eat sugar, white food products, caffeine, anything bubbly or bread products. I go to the gym 5 times a week. I drink 64 ounces of water a day and get in 60 ounces of protein a day. I still love to cook for my family and friends but have lost interest in actually eating most of that food.  I prefer to stick with foods that I know my new tummy can handle and will agree with me. Doesn't mean I haven't experimented with things but the side effects aren't worth the effort.

I've had to buy new clothes which you might think is a hoot and a half but at first, it was a huge anxiety trip. Going into a department store and seeing the huge selection of clothing and sizes I found myself wandering into the plus sizes just because it was a "comfort zone". 
I'm now past that stage and delight in finding that there are a lot of smaller sizes at the resale shops then plus sizes. 

So for those of you that emailed me asking what was up. Here's what is new in my world.

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