Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Dinner at the new home of an old friend.

Riley and I celebrated the last night of Winter Vacation by visiting a dear friend, in her new home. Her home fits her.  When you walk in it is as if she had always lived there.  It's not just seeing her familiar furniture.  The house fits her.  She has been settled into it for about two weeks, entertained family and friends, found the right place to put her Christmas tree and there wasn't a stray box to be seen.
My house fits me too.  Perhaps a little too well.  I've grown used to seeing a pile of boxes by my desk, the boxes now covered with a beautiful Fair Trade tablecloth. In my mind I know there are boxes of things to be sorted under that cloth but the beautiful blue design distracts me from that reality.
I have been trying to sort out, remove, give away that which we do not use.  It isn't a matter of being attached to these things, it's more an issue of time and energy. 
I had cleared out the overflow of items in the back area of the basement I lovingly refer to as "inventory". I almost had it under control when the family arrived so I put what I hadn't sorted out back in there.  Little did I know that the pre-teen would threaten to knock down one more building blocking his bedroom door by the cardboard blocks the 5, 7 and 8 year old were using.  I had no idea that they would be so inventive to move their entire "village" of blocks back into "inventory" and build there. 
That, of course, meant that they had to move what I had piled up to another spot and they picked the area where the baby crib and baby items were stored.  They also managed to flip the switch on the new furnace that turned it off so we woke up to dropping temperatures in the house and everyone walking around with cold noses.
Now, all the architects, engineers and demolition workers have gone back to Boston and Minnesota and I have the unique opportunity, once again to sort out that which I didn't get to the first go around.
It has to be done, I can't put the crib and baby things away until I clear a space and the only way to clear a space is to haul that crap back out to the ping pong table and start round two.
Well, that all had to wait because the tree was dropping needles so fast that soon it would be simply a piece of wood with lights and ornaments on it. As I removed an ornament an entire branch would simply drop every needle on the floor. Riley was a big help sweeping up the mess and we did agree that we would probably be finding them in August stuck to something or underneath something, which says a lot more about my housekeeping than anything else.

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