Friday, January 26, 2018


According to Clutterbug, I am apparently a Butterfly. And, while the majority of the rest of the world may crave simplicity I like, need, enjoy, make merry with ABUNDANCE! It does not take me long to start a collection, especially if the definition of one is three of something. 
Clutterbug divides us all into four cute little bugs. I thought for a moment there was a chance that I could be a Bee but then she went on to describe a Butterfly and there it was hands down the description of my lifestyle.  Apparently, it is also my cleaning style which makes things much clearer in my world.
I have been, SERIOUSLY, cleaning out areas and giving away things. Stop laughing! Seriously, I have. Now you are just being rude you know.
Ok, so I have also been making trips to the charity stores and coming home with MAJOR finds. That's my big fun joy in my life right now. You can get up off the floor any time now.
I invite you to click on the link and take a listen. She's funny, easy to listen to and you just might finally understand why you, my friend, like myself have often felt like a fish stuck in a tree.  

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