Wednesday, January 03, 2018

6395 Surprise!

My computer has been to the Geek Squad three times since Thanksgiving.  I thought it was dying.
I thought perhaps I had "fried" the hard drive. Of course, I have no idea how in the world I could have done that but it was one option that was tossed in my direction on one visit. I panicked when I heard that. Long story short, John told me to just get myself a new laptop and call it my Christmas gift. I did.  When I went to pick it up I had a new Geek squad employee helping me, Uriah.
Uriah and I started talking about the fact that they were unable to load all my photographs from my old laptop onto the new one. WHAT? For, the amount of money I was paying for it that seemed hard to understand.  Uriah sighed and told me that if HE had been selling me on a laptop and knew that I was a photographer, THIS PARTICULAR model was the last one he would have recommended.
He then brought out my old (all of two years old) cleaned, fixed and finally finished downloading the MASSIVE file that Microsoft had been trying to load for God knows how long.
I looked at my old computer now "shiny, oh so shiny" and then at the new one which they had transferred as much as possible on to. I looked up at Uriah and said, "I think I feel sick."
Uriah, nodded, "I understand and just to let you know you can return the new one up to and including Jan. 15th."  What a perceptive fellow.

I waited one day then Riley and I took ourselves back to the store, returned the new laptop.

The only problem is that Microsoft and their massive download has rearranged things AGAIN on my computer. For some reason, my photographs are not showing up available for me to view and select for my blog.

I did what I usually do when perplexed I poked around clicking on things that looked like they might be hiding my photographs. It probably would make sense for me to actually write down where I was poking around so I could find my way back again. That would be the Wise Woman's Way.
Instead, I found myself with a list of jpg numbers in front of me. So, not being the Wise Woman I simply clicked on one and thought, hey, let's just go with whatever this shot is.

So, that's what you see.  Number Img_6395jpg and ohhhhh that's a pretty one.

Riley and I had a girls day out yesterday and one of the places that we stopped in was the Hospice Resale Shop, Agrace.  Small, packed and manageable I love that store. Riley and I discuss everything, from an antique highchair which she thought would be perfect for her cousin, Brigid but I reminded her that it didn't have a seatbelt so I didn't think Aunt Caitlin would approve of it, to a stuffed bunny that I told her if she wanted it was coming out of her money.

Getting back to the photo, I had a dream the other night and I saw a window with all these clear glass bottles in front of it. Each bottle held a beautiful pink or rose-colored flower. Now, I may not be a Wise Woman but I'm not stupid.  I've had this type of dream before and that involved seeing a kitchen with lots of glass windows and rows of beautiful blue bottles sitting on the windowsill.  That was before we built our house and when the house of finally finished and we had moved in I realized, as I was putting some cute little blue bottles I had found in a resale store, on the windowsills of my new kitchen that dream had come true.

So, Riley and I picked out some pretty clear glass vases and bottles and then rooted around in the silk flower bin and found pink and red roses.  I'm not breaking the bank here with these purchases but it will be interesting to see if something comes from this.

At least, when I look at my window I see color and not the snow or the cold and yes I know you can't see cold really but I know it's out there.  I know it's minus something.

But, I see HOPE, SPRING, COLOR and PINK which always makes me smile. 

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