Tuesday, February 28, 2017

In December of 2016, I felt as if I had said everything I wanted to say for a time. I felt drained of energy, inspiration, attention and joyfulness.
I made the decision to just stop, stand still for a time and listen.  Listen to that quiet, still, voice, in my mind to help give me direction, once again.
My Journey seemed to have come to a standstill. I was not unhappy with all that I had been doing but I was feeling a number of tugs that I needed to become more focused.  
                                                             (not my photo)
While standing outside one evening in January, waiting for Murphy to take care of his ablutions I stared up at the night sky, the thousand and thousands of points of light and asked out loud for one word of direction for this new year.
                   The word I heard from the
                   small, still voice in my mind
                   was CLARITY.
I spent the next week in my meditation time asking for guidance on what exactly I was to apply Clarity too.

For those of you, new to my blog, my belief system includes synchronicity, coincidence, and signs as part of the way that the Universe, God, my Soul/Spirit all communicate with me. 
Often it isn't until after the fact that I realize that I have just received what I needed.  That's the case with a link from one person on the Internet, that connected me with another person, a teacher of journaling methods.
I have kept journals over the years, all types of journals.  I am a list maker especially now as I get older and I find that too many tasks can slip away if I don't remind myself that I needed to do them.
I embraced her wisdom and accepted to TRY a different method of record keeping.
This was a year of change of "mixing it up" in order to have more clarity.
I began the GRID method of journaling.  
I indulged myself with cute little post-it notes.
I was required to limit myself to a certain number of FOCUS areas of my life.  I came up with 12.
Seems like a lot doesn't it?
I had to write a list of everything that I was trying to get done in a week, put them in categories and those categories would become focus areas.
Maybe I was trying to do to much?
Weeks one, two and three were a bust. Cute little notes distracted me. They made me feel anxious if I didn't attend to them and put something one them.
The purpose of the grid method and the focus areas was to see what was getting done, what was getting neglected, what was really important and perhaps what should be let go. The little post-it notes were demanding they stay, they were important, they were starting to cause me more stress.
By the week of February 14th, I lost the post-it notes.
Cuteness was gone from my Grid Journal which I had now renamed my Focus Week Journal.
My areas of Focus covered Family & Friends, Studio Work, Granddaughter's Activities, Granddaughter's New School, Art/Photo Exhibits, Photography, Other Journals, On-Line Classes, Writing, House/Home, Living Life, and Wellness.
Perhaps making my personal wellness the last category and the 13th wasn't the best idea. 
What I found in the next two weeks was that all the other focus areas had a great deal of attention and the self-care/wellness was empty.
That's what I love about this particular method of weekly record keeping. It isn't supposed to be "pretty", its purpose is to help a person see where their time is being spent and how to keep it all in balance.
Next meditation time I voiced my concerns, out loud, about needing to take better care of myself.
In my house, books don't fall off shelves just because I need to read them, BUT I do have a gray and white cat, JoJo that will PULL them off the shelves for me.
I found three, in three different places that he had provided for me to begin my self-care program.
More about that tomorrow.

In peace,

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    Missed you. Worried. Glad you're back! Susan A in Tuscaloosa