Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Some will test you.

My mother is 89.  She will be 90 in June.  She has her health, it isn't great but she is doing.
She certainly has most of her brain cells intact. She had a motorized scooter to get around in her Assisted Living facility.  I say, had because she accidently started it up too quickly, on the elevator, and ran into the back of another resident, causing said resident to be hurt.
The powers that be down there confiscated her scooter and left her with a wheelchair and a bill of $17.00 every time she has to call the nurses station to have someone come and wheel her down to a meal.

PREPARE OH YOU BABY BOOMERS, FOR THE MIGHTY HAND OF GREED WILL BE IN YOUR POCKETS before you know it.  I'm guessing that the drug lords looking at the lay of the land decided that soon drugs will be legal and managed by the state or government, taxed, administered and bottom line, legal.  I would imagine that they have started already to branch out into other more lucrative and legitimate businesses.  What could be better than owning and managing Senior Living complexes? You can nickel and dime an old person to an early death. Hey, with a big bulge of baby boomers approaching assisted living status you are going to make a bundle for your offspring. 

Anywho, as I was saying my mother has for all practical purposes, in her relationship with me, decided to "run away from home".  I put that in quotes because those were the words that my step sister used when she called me to tell me that, while I was on vacation my mother found herself another place to live, cheaper than where she is now and she can live out her days not worried about running out of money.  That is unless she lives as long as the other women in our family have, 94 and 96 and then she is in a spot of trouble.

And, the running away from home refers to me being the adult here.  We had a little tiny spot of trouble back on Thanksgiving Day.  I chalk it up to a misunderstanding that exploded like a six-year-old jumping on a Puffball. A misunderstanding that could not seem to right itself. 

My mother is a very stubborn woman and she raised, amazingly another stubborn woman.
You can probably see where this is headed.
My mother is also used to getting her way using tactics like, GUILT, MANIPULATION and what I refer to as the USE OF SNIDE REMARKS. 
These tactics worked when I was young and remarkably stupid. Over the years, I have honed my tolerance and deflection walls pretty well.  But, even I can be overrun like the siege of Castle Gaillard.

Sensing that our phone calls needed a cooling off period, I told her that while I was on vacation I would write her letters.

While I was on vacation she decided to move and not bother to mention it to me.
And, thus, the running away reference.

Some people crave drama in their lives.  It fills a temporary need or they think that it does.
In my eyes, drama, unless on the stage or theatre drains energy, creates a negative imbalance around people involved and frankly isn't healthy.

During my meditation time this morning I found myself observing the statement, Why is it necessary to be right?  Why is it important to make sure that people know you are right and they are in the wrong? How does one go about letting go of this need to justify our position?
I let these thoughts drift on past and placed another, like a billboard, in my mind. 

"Lama Yeshe, believes four simple words when asked sincerely 
are the fastest path to right action in certain situations, especially
tricky ones.

                   How can I help?"

:)Bea, who will probably be buying a card tomorrow that says, "Found you, you rascally rabbit."


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