Sunday, January 03, 2016

She Does Backwards Well

This isn't something that I have noticed recently.  In fact, I can safely say that for about 40 years or so, give or take five or ten, I have not enjoyed amusement rides. I can't really remember ever doing well in a ride that went around and around, like those teacup rides at Disney World. 
I don't do well with anything that spins me around, turns me upside down or side to side and the gentle swinging at the top of a Ferris wheel, forget about it.

I remember my sons, in their teenage years, riding a roller coaster in Ocean City and getting off with a distinct gray tinge to their faces. So, perhaps it runs in the family?

Snorkeling, not scuba mind you but just floating on top of the water looking down starts to mess with my balance and stomach. I took my snorkel stuff to the St. John's but never even took it to the beach. I found just floating in the water did enough of a number on me and I LOVE TO FLOAT in warm salt water. It is the one place I can appreciate my layers of fat. They can suspend me for a loooooooooooooong time in calm, warm salt water.  This is not an experiment I would do in the Atlantic Ocean waves. I've been turned upside down in those and for a moment didn't know if I was going towards the beach or out to sea.

While passing the hours in the Atlanta airport yesterday, we rode the tram from one end to the other. We entertained ourselves by watching the tracks speed under us as we zoomed from Alpha stop to Foxtrot stop.  Riley loved sitting in the front of the tram watching us ride the underground rails.

I lasted from Alpha to Echo, one time, before I felt woozy.

Amusement parks probably do not showcase me well.  I was in third grade, the first half of the year when our class went to an amusement park. I have no idea where but I know that somehow and I'm sure looking back on it, it must have been because we were in two lines, I got into a slow moving boat going through a dark tunnel with a little boy with freckles.
He may have had the idea that because it was called The Tunnel of Love he could get a free kiss. What he got instead was a punch in the mouth and the loss of his permanent front tooth.
What I got was a visit from his father and him to our apartment to discuss the incident with my father. Billy got a gold front tooth.

:)Bea, whose feet like to stay on solid ground these days.

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