Friday, January 08, 2016

Once upon a time there was an atist named Bea........

I take a LOT of photos of buildings. Most of those photos you would have a hard time even recognizing what kind of building it was. I tend to take shots of parts of buildings. I do it without even thinking about it.  I see an arrangement of windows or architecture and that's the only thing that is calling out to me to be recorded.

So what do you do with folders full of bits and pieces of buildings? 

I go back to them now and then and see if I still like the shot that I have taken. Then I play with them.  I crop, I explore all those editing tools in my program. I know that anything I have done can be undone.  I know that even if I want to keep something I can save the original.

Last night I was thinking that some of them would make interesting abstract paintings if I used them as inspiration.  I also thought that some of the details would make interesting stamps or stencils.  


It is what it is all about.  If you are working on an art piece or a craft piece and there is no joy in what you are doing then why are you doing it?  If it makes you feel noble to finish a project after your heart has left it then there is a reason. Not a good one in my book.  I will guarantee that when you finish that project the energy around it will not be good. It won't be something that draws people to it. You might even find that now that it is finished you prefer to have it out of your studio and your life.  You aren't even drawn to it anymore.

I have said this before in this blog and it always needs repeating, your energy when you are working IS TRANSMITTED INTO YOUR ART.  It IS WHAT DRAWS THE RIGHT PERSON TO YOUR ART.  There will be a connection.  

I remember once picking up a painted canvas in the charity store.  I held it, closed my eyes, I felt nothing.  I stared at the painting and tried to see what the artist wanted me to see, still nothing. I did buy the canvas but not because of the art work but because the price was really good for a canvas that size.  Before I spray painted white over it I said a blessing that it would know that I knew what was the foundation of my piece and I knew it had value and that because of its workmanship it was an excellent first layer to build on.

Probably not what the original artist had intended but it works for me.

So, if you are staring at that pile of UFOs whether they are fiber pieces or paint, move them out of your studio.  Send them on for someone else to love and finish or change. Free yourself from the mentality that you have to finish everything you start.

Think of these projects as sand castles that you played with in the sand but the tide has come in and it is time to start new.


You don't have to finish your plate.  Honest.  Mother is not going to mail your leftovers to India.


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