Monday, January 04, 2016


I have decided this year that I will continue to work on my Photography.  I've enjoyed the Black and White Mondays from last year but I think this year I will mix it up.  There are a number of really neat editing tools in my Photo program and I would like to experiment with them and see what effects I can develop.

So I begin 2016 with five carefully, ha, selected photos taken recently. See, I told you I would find a way to let you see more vacation pictures.

I also used to worry about font size for this blog but I have noticed that when the blog appears on phones the font and size is changed anyway. For those of you that enjoyed the larger size, I apologize in advance, I am hoping that just using the automatic choice that when the blog comes through on different computers it won't look so jumbled and difficult to read.

Today, it is back to reality for all of us, work, school, householder chores and, of course, THE STUDIO!  First stop for me after dropping Riley off at school will be the gym. I maintained my weight, despite the thought that I would actually lose some more pounds, so it is back to gliding my way to a healthier lifestyle. I still sweat in a workout on the elliptical machine but it does feel like gliding.

The sun is starting to rise, the days are getting longer, spring isn't that far away now.

:)Bea, who is adopting a half full glass attitude these days.

P.S. Thought you might like to see these too.  Not my pictures but really interesting.

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