Monday, January 11, 2016


It was ZERO degrees when Riley and I went out for a Sunday morning photo shoot.  This is her third one with me.  We take it slowly, traveling the back roads and talk about the composition of a photo and whether or not we will see any deer.  When I stop and tell her what I see and want to take a picture of it we talk about why it is of interest to me.  Sometimes she shares that same interest and sometimes she surprises me and see something else in the scene that she wants to shoot.

At the end of the shoot when we stop for breakfast we like to scroll back and look at what we have taken and see what "theme" really caught our attention that day.  
We talk about composition and I tell her how I want her to take her time and frame the picture so she doesn't have to even do any cropping or editing on it later.

We stopped in Mt. Horeb at this wonderful little old dairy fountain restaurant.  We sat at the low counter on metal stools that swiveled.  The manager, Jerry, a grandpa remember Riley from when she was in before Christmas with John and they bought my Christmas present, a beautiful hand carved walking stick made by a local artist.

He helped her pick out fresh doughnut holes from the bakery counter and when she asked him if the chest against the wall with small doors that opened up toward the ceiling was really an old time ice cream chest, he surprised her by giving her a little dish of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.  If you are six, having ice cream with your pancakes apparently is a dream come true.

Since our palette was limited with neutrals we talked about value.  Finding something in the scene that we wanted to take that would have an interesting contrast.
Sometimes that was pretty easy so then we talked about movement and directions of things and their placement in the shot.\

Sometimes she is the one that shouts out to me to find a place to pull over. 

I love our photo shoots.



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  1. Wonderful, wonderful memories for you both--and beautiful photos.