Saturday, January 02, 2016

Leaving St. John's..........ok, not leaving............OK, LEAVING St. Thomas, for sure.

The Universe has such a weird sense of humor. Write two blogs about working on your mental attitude and keeping it centered and positive and boom, she slaps you with a test.
Get up at and get yourself to the ferry on time, arrive in St. Thomas in plenty of time for your afternoon flight, get yourself settled on your plane, sit, sit some more, sit a lot more, then deboard the plane because something that shouldn't is leaking and the part has to be flown in from the states in a Lear Jet over night.
Troop back in the airport, sort yourselves out with collecting baggage, finding out what time the flight will leave in the morning and then-------------------WHAT?  Oh, find a hotel on a crowded, full Island, that you are unfamiliar with and hope they have a room for you.  Not cool, Delta or Universe.
Lucky for us I like to listen to other people's conversation. Hey, not a lot to do while waiting for the ferry to arrive.  I overheard the couple behind me say they were from Wisconsin. Lucky for us we ran into them again while collecting our information for the next day flight.  Even luckier that the ceramic artist and wife of the gentleman from some place up north had a handle on the hotel situation on the Island.  She managed to find four overpriced rooms at a fancy hotel for the seven of us crowded into the Taxi van.
Java our driver dropped us off safe and sound, told us to meet him at 5:20 the next morning for the ride back to the airport. 
Let's just cut to the end, flight out next day fine, late but fine.
Seven hours in Atlanta airport waiting for the flight to Madison.
As tired as I was, no real sleep, let's say for a ritzy hotel, I found myself sleeping on the floor because of the sad condition of the beds, I still managed to maintain my centered, be-in-the-now attitude that I was working on. 
Riley was a trooper. She just rolls with the punches, smiles at people and falls asleep at the drop of a hat, in the taxi van, airplane, airport and apparently any place or thing that has wheels.
I'm sitting here looking at vacation pictures, reliving memories of the fun with had and sharing that time again with Riley and John. 
So, go ahead Universe, throw the whole bucket at me. I can handle it.  Think I'm going to cave and fall back to old patterns, THINK AGAIN. 


:)Bea, who needs lots of sleep and may regret that last challenge. 

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