Thursday, January 07, 2016

Bring a little balance into your life today.

I am most likely giving free advertising to the store that has posted this sign out on the sidewalk.   I like the sign, a lot. I've never been to the store. The sign is a reminder to me that unless I am in BALANCE not much is going to get done in the creativity department.

When I am out of balance a "story line" develops. I resist dealing with the issue.  When I am actively practicing MINDFULNESS, when I give my full attention to whatever it is that is pulling me off balance things change.  I don't mean partial attention.  I need to stop everything and take a moment to be in that moment with the "storytelling", the pushing, pulling, judgments and bring my attention, my sometimes very scattered attention to the present moment.

That is not always easy, my friends as you well know.  We humans have a tendency to resist doing this.  In fact, it has been said that "the tendency to resist is automatic, reflex, and perhaps compulsive" not to mention relentless.

There are many, many times when we are in a situation and it will take only a simple act to change something. Probably, for many of us that simple act isn't feasible or possible because of our mind set, our judgments, our beliefs and our love of complaining (creating the story) about something. That's when we resist.  

Oh, the resisting.  It sets up this nice boundary between the experience you are having at that moment.  This all takes a LOT OF ENERGY, folks.  The little me whines, "I don't want this", "this isn't fair", or the tragic, "why me?"  So much energy. 

This is life. 

I really couldn't understand when someone would smugly say to me, "Hey, don't take it personally."  Of course, this pain in my knee is personal or what do you mean when my boss is shouting at me about something that I screwed up?"  

And, this is what I didn't understand for a long time and I'm just getting the true glimmers of it now.  What ever is happening in that moment, I can observe.  I can even observe it with interest but I don't have to create a storyline around it. And, by that I mean once I start to react to it, fret about it, worry about it, it isn't going to help the situation, it reinforces the "poor me" and there is the beginning of the story.

The knee will get fixed or not, the boss will always choose yelling as a way of communicating,   If I don't choose acceptance of the moment then I create a false reality.
I spend the next moments of my life wishing it was different, creating thought about the future, the past and elaborations about the present. 

Take a breath in that moment. Keep you attention on your breath.  I bet you think I'm throwing in the towel with this attitude, right?  Nope, try being present in the moment.
Try to reign in those thoughts and stay present.  It isn't easy.  We are so used to starting our own tape in our mind when something jars our reality.  You might be surprised at what your subconscious mind will bring to the surface to help you with your problem. If you can quite all that chatter in your mind and be in the moment and breathe and observe what is happening in that moment instead of REACTING we find a new healthier way to deal with reality.  Reality is what it is.

Things happen.  Lots of stuff happens that we would never want to happen, sickness, losses, death, setback, disappointments, things that we all would rather avoid. But that is part of life and it is our fear of failure, our meeting with something that we do not want in our life that feeds our storytelling impulse and stops us from the reality of the moment.

Bottom line here is that when energy is spent creating the story we aren't doing something creative.  But, you sputter I'm creating a story!  Yes, your ego is creating a story but you aren't dancing with your soul are you?  You haven't lost yourself, escaped from "time" and created.  There is a difference and as artists you know it.  

Decide how you want to spend your energy.  Try being in the moment.  Try practicing awareness as much as possible and take note of what happens to your reality. Let me know, I would love to hear from you.

Breathe, in, out, in out. Now go and create.


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