Thursday, December 31, 2015


Last day in Paradise for me.  I realized that for me, being able to focus my eyes on the beauty of our world, calms me, allows me to think beyond my immediate circumstances and 
feeds my creative spirit.

I don't make New Year's resolutions. I do make note of some goals I would like to achieve over time. I am more concerned with staying focused in the moment, something that is often difficult for me to do.

I'm a responsible person so I tend to cast my mind forward to possible problems, needs, supplies you name it. I won't change in that respect but I would like to relax a little more in that department.  It is always a balance  of what falls on my plate and what belongs to another.  
                     "Don't try to drive the bus from the back seat".
                                                      Lama Sonam

I hope that you have a safe New Year Eve.  I hope when you reflect over the past year that you concentrate on the highlights, the moments of joy and happiness you experienced.  I hope that you find a way to bring more of these experiences into the new year.  I hope that what brought you pain and unhappiness you can offer it love and let it go. Remember you do this for your own well being and anyone receiving that love energy will experience it as they will.

Be kind to yourself.
If you are unhappy on the path, raise your eyes and see where you are. Prepare yourself to take a different path when the opportunity arises. Or, see your traveling companions in a different light and I mean that as a "spiritual light".  Allow them the space to experience their own journey, offer a hand if they ask for help, don't make judgments and worry about your own growth and development.

It isn't easy when we have developed a pattern for dealing with people. Some will resist our new attitude.  Some will challenge us to continue old ways. Be gentle with them but continue to work on yourself. 

Long ago, a wise teacher told me that humanity is like a long linked chain of people, winding their way to the top of a mountain.  A mountain whose top was hidden from view by clouds.  We humans were only as strong in this journey as our weakest link. We can support and encourage.  It is painful to watch but we need to stay linked. 

:)Bea, who sends you all peace, love, hope and light.
            A very Happy, Joyful New Year to you and yours.

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