Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Clearing my mind.

I suspect you are wondering why the Social Progress Index is my opening photo today, rather than a nice scene of green islands, turquoise water, and fluffy clouds.
Those things are still here and I've certainly taken enough pictures of them to last me for the entire next year. I'll dazzle you in July with some.

One of the things that I find I NEED is time, space, a safe environment surrounded by family or friends to CLEAR MY MIND. I need to purge my body and mind of useless emotions, negative thoughts that find a way to burrow into my physical being and become a knot here or a pain there. I need to release the toxins from my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. This isn't wishful thinking but something that I have come to realize I absolutely need before I become sick.

When I realize that my reactions, to situations or people, in my daily life are not healthy, for me I absolutely need to find some space and time alone. This Christmas trip with my family to St. John's coincided with this need.  

By Thanksgiving, I was frustrated by loved ones and their inability to respect my needs, their selfish need to express their frustrations out on me and their lack of responsibility.
I established boundaries that pained me, I focused on taking a different approach to how I responded to certain people, I felt I was constantly being challenged to shed old reactions, behaviors and thoughts and replace them with new.

Before we embarked on our vacation I sat quietly and jotted some thoughts about what I needed from this vacation. 
It is an old Theosophical statement, "When the pupil is ready, the Master appears". My teacher appeared in the form of a series of books that I had downloaded for the vacation. The Tenzing Norbu mysteries by Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay.

Expecting light mysteries featuring a Tibetian ex-lama, I did not expect to find myself using my new sketchbook to jot down quotes from the books.  I also found it interesting that the pen that I grabbed from inside a plastic bag, at the bottom of my backpack was purple.

I enjoyed the mysteries but I found what I chose to jot down in my journal were statements that I needed to hear.
The Sufi tradition holds that whenever your soul has need of a new teacher, the teacher will come. Apparently, not only my physical being needed a teacher but my soul was asking too.

As I found myself shifting my mind set, eliminating toxins, soaking up Vit. D from the sun, cleansing my body in salt water, I felt like I could actually take a deep breath down to my belly button.  Three weeks ago I would have told you that my breath was shallow, sometimes even suspended as if I was forgetting to even breath. My mind would lock into that endless loop of, "why", "could I have done something differently"  "it isn't fair" and more useless statements.

By the end of the first week, I finally felt cleared. Yes, there was that much debris.  I began to expand my mind outward to issues I hadn't had time to even contemplate lately.
I began by listening to some TED talks.

I started with Jason deCaires Taylor and his unbelievable underwater statues. It is called Underwater Art Museum and I highly recommend it. I was mesmerized by the transformation the statues had taken as life underwater made them their own.

Missing my "peeps", my art buddies and some special old friends I put aside my judgemental attitude towards Jane Fonda and watched her and Lily Tomlin, a friend of long standing, discuss Female Friendship. Very interesting.

I gave myself time to reflect on the talks, jot notes to myself of what I had gleaned from each one. I went on to watch Mathias Jud and Art That Lets You Talk Back to NSA Spies.
Fascinating.  "Can You Hear Me"

Trying to really concentrate on healthier eating I watched Paul Greenberg, The Four Fish we're overeating and what to eat instead.  Well, that put me back a bit.  Here I am feeling smug because I'm eating more fish and of course, the fish I am eating all fall in those top four.  More notes to self on doing more research on this topic.

And, the last one that I watched today, purely at random was Michael Green and How We Can Make The World A Better Place By 2030.  Have you seen a commercial, and I have no idea what it is for, where the people see something new and the top of their head blow off in purple smoke? No smoke here but I certainly felt like that had happened when I listened to his talk.  I didn't know the UN and global leaders had put together a set of Global Goals for 2030.  Of course, my dedication to my own little world and it's ups and downs seems to push my global awareness right out of the rink.

Did you know that there is a Social Progress Index which asks just three questions that help us calculate how we are doing as a world?  I didn't.  

If it is possible, to suspend your beliefs and open your mind to the possibility of being creative and going about solving problems with new solutions, it is possible for us, as a country, the USA, which is ranked on the People's Report Card with a C-, bring that grade up by 2030.

Take a moment to Google some of these things. It's like opening a window, into your mind and letting a beautiful cleansing breath of fresh air in.

And, so now my journal had notes, in a different colored pen. Notes that I need to think about that pertain to my physical body and mind, my emotional body and always my spiritual body.  What affects one affects all the rest, from bottom to top and top to bottom.

We are drawing very near to the end of a long year.  My mind is working on today, tomorrow and hopefully all the "NOW" moments of 2016.  I hope you are too.

Grow, reach, try, be, own and create the you, you were destined to be.

:)Bea, on this 30th day of the 12th month of the year 2015


  1. Dear Bea,

    Thank you for this. This helps me consider what is truly important in my life and reconsider the daily minutia of work, play and the rest. Thank you for making me stop in my tracks to examine.

    I've never commented on your blog before and I'm sorry I have not let you know how interesting I find them. May you have the best 2016 possible.


  2. Dear Susan,
    Thank YOU for taking the time to visit my blog. I appreciate you leaving a comment. I know that sometimes it is all people can do to just "get through" what comes to them by the Internet. I am happy that something from my ramblings planted a seed thought or made you scratch your head, in wonder. I hope that you have a healthy, joyful, CREATIVE New Year. In Peace, :)Bea