Saturday, October 24, 2015


What happens when you watch a PBS special with a six year old, about elephants, especially when said elephants LOVE to play in water and squish around in mud?  

They roll in it, toss it on their backs to keep the bugs away.  It dries and flakes off and takes the ticks with it. 

Our six year granddaughter, Riley absorbed this new information about elephants in Botswana and filed it away for a rainy day.  That day was today.
She asked grandpa if she could take off her shoes and socks and squish around in the mud and feel it between her toes.

One of the joys of being grandparents is that you can let them do things like this. We don't have to be somewhere, we don't have to get another kid to another sport, or grocery shop or run errands that we didn't have time for during the week. That's not to say that we don't have a life and things that have to be done but, they really can be put off until tomorrow. Happily, one thing that we have learned with the Twenty Summers Philosophy is that what we have is RIGHT NOW. 

So, go SQUISH around, kiddo.

Ah, my own Gorbachev!

The taking out of the pond pump is one of the last of the fall chores. Best to do it when the air temperature is 56 an the pond water still in the 40s. I'm not sure it is really necessary to remove half of your clothing to do this job. If so, it is not one I will be doing in the near future. But I do understand when you have to reach way down into the water and it spills over into your gloves and gets your t-shirt wet. Actually, writing that reminds me of something that Gilda would have said on SNL. 

Despite the closing down of the pond falls and covering the pool there are still some beautiful shots in the yard. 

The Palm Willow is getting new lights.  That would be the large willow tree by the pond that John wraps colored lights around the trunk. It has grown a lot and the truck is much wider around so new lights are in order.

The dinosaur, MS T-REX got new colored lights. Last night in the rain and mist I could see her sparkling, in the front yard. 

The Peacock above the barn needs a few adjustments to his lights on the right side of his tail spread. 

The Blue Bike got new twinkling white lights on the wheels.  At night it looks like it is going somewhere.

When I finish here I will go out and drape new white lights on Babar. This should be interesting.

Nobody can really see any of these lights except for Ms. T-Rex. The different things are spread out across the three acres. It all makes ME smile and we all know that if Grammybea is happy, everybody is happy.

I guess it is time to take the large bouncy balls out of the pond.  They were my response to Chihuly's glass balls in the canals of Venice. I thought they worked well except for the occasional escape and having to retrieve them from the upper woods. We think the frogs are to blame.


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