Sunday, October 18, 2015


I had an interesting email the yesterday.  A reader said that she was confined to her house due to an injury and she didn't have access to nature items and could she borrow one of my drawings.
I thought it was sweet that she asked since as of yet I haven't bothered to do anything to my photos to protect them from being copied. 

My suggestion to her though is that she needs to experience the actual ACT OF DOING, the BEING IN THE MOMENT of this activity.  Many times and I have heard people mutter, "so what am I going to do with this". Maybe nothing that depends on how invested you are in learning something new.

I suggested that she gather some items from around her environment, perhaps they will be all man made and do the exercise with her non-dominant hand.

I only chose natural elements this time because they have their own innate energy signature and I wanted to see how they reacted with my energy. I thought it would, of course, be easy to dominate the item.  In most cases due to the structure I was unable to forced a stem or dried grass to do mark like I wanted it to.  I WAS forced to readjust how I held the item and to allow it to move in the way it's energy signature wanted to. The old "letting go" issue.

I am not showing you all how to GET TO an end result. That will happen on its own.  Instead I am hoping that as you work through this exercise you will experience all of the journey and record in your sketchbooks what your feelings were as you did the exercise.  Did you experience an impatience with the process?  Why? How does that feeling resonate with the objective of the exercise? What's going on?

Remember that in this process you are a PARTNER with the object.  You and this once living thing are creating a mark together.

If you are unable to use natural items and are using your non-dominate hand with a man made item you are allowing another part of your being to participate in this process. 

Now, on with some PLAY.  I took the images from yesterday's post and put them in the PISCASA 3 program.  If you don't have it, it is free and a great basic editing program.  I turned the photos into pencil drawings. Then I went in for a closer look at each photo and cropped the area that I like.  The program allows me to save this new image but also save the original.

With the pencil sketch, like a tracing of the original I can see better the types of lines I will be dealing with and the types of shapes created by the lines.
I think my first experiment with this might be to create a foam stamp of either the entire piece of a section. I can print out this pencil sketch, using carbon paper transfer it to the foam and cut out my pieces.

I use the double sided sticky foam you find in the children's section of the craft store.  I apply my cut out shapes to a larger piece of non sticky foam. That way if I find I need to wash the stamp quickly there is no problem. If I don't care if I reuse a particular stamp I will most likely attach it to a piece of foamcore so it is easier to use as a stamp.

Have a great creative day!


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