Monday, October 12, 2015

Mama said it was going to be a glorious day!

You can get "lucky" and be in the right place at the right time holding a camera and get a great shot.

You can plan and wait somewhere you know might provide a great shot. 

My morning sunrise series tends to find both of the above methods successful.  

My desk faces East.

My cats start marching over my head and body at 5:50 a.m. thus giving me enough time to stumble downstairs, feed them, let the dog out and grab my camera, always sitting on my desk.

I suspect that as much as I oooooh and aaaaaaah over these incredible morning colors, they are a result of some terrible catastrophe somewhere to the north or west of me. 
Earlier this summer our colorful sunrises and sunsets  were due to the forest fires in northern Canada and their effect on the atmosphere.

By 6:30 this sunrise had disappeared under heavy cloud cover. This shot only visible for five minutes at most.

When I see a sky like this I can almost believe I live on a different planet.  Maybe this is the first sun rising?  While I let my mind wander in science fiction I bet my forefathers and mothers knew what to expect, weather wise, from a morning sky like this.
About all I can give you is "Red sky at sunset, sailor's....... " well there that's it. I can't remember if they are delighted or distressed.

Then I look up to take a sip of coffee and the clouds have moved on and I get another chance to watch the sun make its appearance.

Cue the lavenders, rose and pale blue.  The only way I know I looking at a sunrise is my orientation. 

My coffee is cold.
The wondrous show has taken an hour. 
I wonder if my grandchildren will ever have the interest or patience to just sit and watch a sunrise?
Will they fill there iPhones18 with just selfies or will they actually look around them at this incredible world?
I drove through a new development the other day, on the south side of town. Huge houses, HUGE, built right up next to each other. Not even enough yard for a swing set. It is in a school district that is overflowing with kids. Kids who live in very big houses, with everything they could possibly want inside and no incentive to go outside. The town kids are becoming as immune to the outside world as the city kids. Are they even looking at the night sky, let alone the sunrise? Do they care? Should they care?
You can guess how I feel about all of that.
Maybe the pictures in this blog will be something that my great, great grandchildren can point to and say, "Wow, so that's what it looked like before our fathers and grandfathers just forgot about caring about the planet. That's what a sunrise looked like when humans were just being smacked on the head with the idea of global warming and the immediate need to do something about it. 
Then again, they may just want to browse through endless photos of their ancestors taking selfies of themselves. 

Enjoy today.  It's what you have right this moment.
These pictures are a memory of what was.
Make the most of today. Create. Let your soul, your inner self out to play. Be less concerned about your shell.

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