Monday, October 05, 2015


The intention was very clear.  Go over to the Studio and continue to clean up, get rid of and organize what still remained.  Those were the areas that I had pushed something out of sight and therefor out of my mind or simply piled it up into a massive wobbly pile just waiting for a faint breeze or jolt.

Yes, the INTENTION was very clear.

Apparently, the Muses had other plans.

A large clear work space greeted me. Four six foot tables, pushed together to create a strange looking rectangle, covered in plastic and just waiting for something to happen.  When the 3150 Studio Artists are here, on Fridays, they claim that space.
But, it's a Monday and that space is mine, Mine, MINE! Can you hear the crackling laughter?

So what you have been looking at as you scrolled down was PURE PLAY. Something we all need to do more of and it certainly got my inner child out to romp around.

And, I have to admit that having things organized made it easy to just grab a 12 x 12 inch piece of mat board, my paints, a stack of photo copies of different paintings I have done over the years and my gloss medium.

I tore pieces from the photocopies of colors that I wanted to use, pasted them down on the mat board and allowed myself the freedom to just do it at random. I had no need to worry about composition. This was a first layer, probably never to be seen again. I did approach it like a puzzle and instead of trying to fit pieces together I looked for different values to pair together.

Once the first layer was down, I took a break and taped some deli paper down on the plastic covered Priority box that had been mailed to me and I had dismantled. I painted those with different values of the all the blues that I had at hand adding white or black to create more values.

I let those dry then made some tea, came back to the deli paper and they were nice and dry.  You have got to love working with acrylics, they can be a pain if you don't want them to dry quickly but a bonus if you do.

The second photo shows a second layer of deli scraps now covering the first layer.  After coating that with gloss medium and drying it with the hair dryer I coated the entire piece with a watered down white acrylic. Then moving with the speed of lightening I took a baby wipe and wiped even more of the white off the piece.

Still doesn't look like much does it?  Doesn't matter. I'm just playing and avoiding doing what was number one on a work list.

Putting one more coat of gloss medium on top of what was left of the wiped off diluted white paint I then put a stencil on top. Mixed some glazing liquid with more white paint, going for a transparent look, I painted it over the stencil. 

Photo number three - A perfectly good background paper.  I gave it another coat of gloss medium, let it dry and then took a picture of it.

Back over at the house, making lunch, hey, I get hungry when I'm working! I downloaded the pictures of the process, ran them off on the printer and now I have three different background papers, all in the same color family but something that I can use in another collage.  I love the textures that show up from the final stenciled piece. I love the different colors that show up in the corners. 

In places I can see the layers and when a that piece is added to another working piece it will give it an interesting texture.

While playing my mind wandered, I thought of possible potential series I could do. I relaxed, I forgot about the daily pushes and pulls of life. I gave myself a stress free, decision free, two hours of just pure play and I'm a better person for it.  You know it and I know it, ART HEALS.

I'll have some lunch, go back over to the Studio and attack a pile. I'll probably make some better decisions about what to do with this and that because my mind will really be on what will I do with these wonderful background pages. I can "let go" of things when I'm not focused on reliving memories or emotional attachments to history. I'm in the now but my mind will wander to the future, I'm sure.

Well, you didn't think I spent two hours on just the first three pieces did you?



  1. great visit...haven't been here in sooo long
    i've missed you.

  2. Hey, hi girlfriend, it has been sooooooooooooooo long. I hope you are well and creating up a storm. So glad you stopped by. Ya all come again ya hear!
    It makes my southern friends just clench their teeth when I do that. lololsnort