Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Don't PANIC.  It's not here yet but it certainly is on its way.
Cold front moving down from Canada, thank you very much, by mid week. 
Yesterday, I slowly worked my way through the giant hosta bed by the Buddha, cutting down and raking out leaves. I am going to have to move a tad faster today.
I did get the back lower deck cleared off and all the chair cushions and summer things put back in storage, in the barn.
Madison always set up the snow fences by the park during the week of October 15th. I've always thought that was a safe guideline for me to get "summer fun" things into storage and the snow shovels out by the back door.
I'm enjoying the slow color show of the trees. My gardens are still looking pretty but not as spectacular as in July and August. I worked hard on them this year and it paid off.  They gave me great joy to see all the color and different plants.
Next year it will be even a little easier because much was done this year.
I will cut the grass today, perhaps for the last time.
John and relax and not have to think about replacing blades for another year.
The pool will be covered for the season by the end of the month. The falls in the pond will be silenced when John pulls the motor out and stores it.
We are buttoning down the yard and house for winter.  
The Wooly caterpillar is of no help this year for telling me if it's going to be a hard winter or not.  He seems to be equal parts of black and brown.
Yesterday, while waiting to pick up Riley at grade school, three little boys were watching a Wooly on the ground.  They had no idea what it was.  I bent down and explained to them that in the old days people thought they could tell what kind of winter they were going to have by the colors of the Wooly.
More black meant a cold hard snowy winter. More brown a not so hard winter. I told them that it was just guessing and it didn't really tell people what they wanted to know but it must have been right enough times for it to be passed down as folklore.  When I stood up I had a group of young parents behind me listening. They didn't know what it was either.
Glad to help out but it makes me a little sad. As kids I remember we used to try to collect as many of them as we could find and put them all together on the sidewalk and then compare the colors. I have no idea what the results were but it seemed like all the kids I knew, knew about Wooly's and winter.
Have yourself a really creative day!
Let your soul express its joy.

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