Monday, September 21, 2015

Robby, who thought it was a good idea at the time.

Riley took a nasty spill today on her bike. She got an abrasion on her knee and elbow. There was some screaming and crying and then she was fixed up with warm washcloths, the magic Bactine spray, some Minion band aids and a long hug and kiss.
Her day had been full of highs and lows. She had breakfast with me at McD's, got to wear her new leather boots that have a little 1/2 heel, with black tights and a dress, all good.  She had a great day at school and earned a "Go for the Gold" coupon from her teacher. Her Mommy didn't feel well and wanted to rest before she went to work so she asked me to pick her up from school. I could tell Riley was disappointed.  She wanted to see her Mommy.
We did homework together, she worked on her assignment and I worked on something I plan to present to the 3150 Art Ladies in October.
And, then she decided to ride her bike while I worked in the garage, organizing the new "dyeing studio".
That's when the bike accident happened.

I'm going to switch gears here folks, so stay with me.
Tonight I looked forward to the return of some of the TV shows that I had enjoyed off and on last season. And, I say off and on because I felt the writing was uneven and half the time it seemed like the A team had gone out for the afternoon and put the B team in charge. 
We taped Scorpion and watched 3/4 of it before I told John that it was just silliness and switch it off.
When did it become the norm for some shows returning to make their first show back tense, stressful, unbelievable and just plain silly in a bad way? Castle did it too. I've just crossed both of those off my TO WATCH list. I've got x- number of days left here on earth. When I take the time to sit down and relax and watch a show, a story, I want to be entertained, or maybe given something to think about. There are good writers out there....... somewhere.
Maybe the producers feel the largest number of viewers like this sloppy writing, this coasting along with ridiculous plots, piling up on top of each other.
Spiders?  Really, Castle writers?  REALLY? Do you honestly want me to buy into a thug bringing along a box of big hairy spiders to get information out of someone? R E A L L Y?
I was so disgusted I suggested to John that we just try to wipe out the previous hour or so with something enjoyable.  We watched a taped repeat of Modern Family. Good acting, enjoyable characters, intertwined plots and at time silly and sweet. 
I will be 67 soon. I know what I like and what I don't. I know what I want in my brain bank and what I don't.  I also know when a writer respects me as an audience and when they don't. 
Just remember I have the money, if I don't watch I don't buy. Not to say that would happen anyway but if that's why there is even a show to begin with to sell me something, it ain't happening if I'm reading a book.

So, back to Riley....... by the time Grandpa got home and it is his birthday today and he brought home Chinese takeout for us, I could see she was a little sad.  Her great day had gone downhill and I wasn't sure that an eggroll was going to pump it up that much.
She and grandpa went out to the pool to make what they think is going to be their last "polar bear swim". The water was 77 degrees and although I heard them both screaming like "little girls and boys" they stayed in and had swimming and diving contests.
That's when I decided that Riley needed a little magic in her day. When she needed a story that would be bring just a little magical realism into her life.
So while she played with Grandpa, I wrote a story about a chipmunk named Robby that lived in our stone wall who wasn't mean spirited but wanted to get back at the barky white dog named Murphy.
He wanted to play a trick on Murphy and spread broken walnut shells all over the driveway so Murphy would have to step on them. Instead they made the little girl of the house fall off her bike.
Two page story shortened, he tried to say he was sorry to the little girl by decorating her bike with pretty orange flower blossoms.  
I rolled up the story with a picture of the decorated bike and put it in her bed.
When she came inside I stopped her from going upstairs and asked her if she had come in upstairs to get something earlier.  She said no.  I said, I was sure that I heard the front door open and pitter patter of little feet into her bedroom. 
Now, she is 6 and probably deep down inside she may know the truth of the matter but she wanted to believe. She ran upstairs to look in her room, found the story rolled up in her bed, saw the picture and was determined to take a flashlight and go outside and see if that was really HER bike in the picture.
We played along.
She made us sit down at the table downstairs while she read this note/story to us.
When she finally went to bed she whispered to me, after we said our good nights, "I want to go slowly past the boulders tomorrow morning, I want to tell Robby that I'm ok."
I told her that was a great idea.

CBS are you listening?  I'm not a writer, I haven't got any papers but I can tell a story and maybe only six and under can appreciate it but I will put money on it that I could sell them a marigold plant, stuffed play chipmunks or anything related to said story, to those six year olds.

:)Bea, who looks like she is going to have some free time on Monday evenings this fall.


  1. Under all that admirable toughness, your kindness, gentleness, and compassion can never be hidden. I'm always in awe of the time you give and invest in Riley. She is so lucky to have you and John as grandparents.

    Amen to your comments about TV. It is why I watch "Out of Africa" and other classics once a year.

  2. WOW thanks for that sweet comment and thanks for taking the time to post it. You made me smile and made my day! :)Bea