Friday, September 18, 2015

One Minion, two minion, three little minions.

I came out of the gym this morning wiping my face with the bottom of my t-shirt. As I crossed to the other side of the parking lot I met a father and small son about to cross. The little boy stopped in mid skip, stared at my chest then looked up at me in awe.  He whispered "YOU have a minion shirt."
"I do," I whispered back.
"I like the one with one eyeball," he stated matter of factly.
"Me too, but don't tell this guy," I said, pointing to the guy on the shirt.
We said our goodbyes.
He held his father's hand as he skip/hopped across the street.
Just 90 seconds of pure childlike joy.
I tried the skip/hop back to my car but my feet don't leave the ground these days. Perhaps they are worried I will float off, giggling.


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