Sunday, September 20, 2015

May I present..........Babar.

I admit he still needs work but he has just been trimmed and is looking more and more like himself.

It is a fine July day. Sun is shinning. While clearing out a space in the garage Bea finds her electric hedge trimmer and 50 foot electrical cord.

Bea contemplates the fact that something in the yard certainly needs to be trimmed.

Ahoy!  Ahead stand three unruly Forsythia bushes, out of control and planted at what was once the edge of the prairie. It was the go to place for something that didn't have a home........yet.  Even heeled in Forsythia are survivors. 

Now, they stand over seven feet hall and look like they are about to run a muck in the yard.

Bea trundles out with her lightweight aluminum ladder, her electrical cord and rediscovered hedge trimmer to do battle with the crazed Forsythia.

She could do large round shapes, square boxes but no, it looks like she has seen something in the battle cry of the Forsythia.

This is probably one time I wish I had a video so I could speed up the action.

First trimming done and now the test. Will Riley, when she steps out of the back door SEE the shape?

Drum roll, please........

"Hey Grammybea, there is an ELEPHANT in the yard."

Bless you child for you have creative eyes!

And, so Welcome Babar to the Storybook Garden.
He joins Kevin (Up) and her babies, metal sculptures surrounded by over sized prehistoric looking plants and 
Frog and Toad.

All three come from a place of childhood memories.
I loved the Babar stories when I first learned to read, Riley loves Kevin and John, of course, LOVES the Frog and Toad books.  He has a pile of them at work and hands them out to any client that comes in to him and either has small children with them or mentions that they have small children or grandchildren in their lives. Something he does from the heart and something that people walking out the door certainly don't expect their attorney to give them.

Babar's trunk is still growing and by next year will have closed all the gaps between the two new small forsythia bushes planted. His tail is still being groomed and the three small forsythia bushes behind him will eventually be a smaller elephant holding his tail with its trunk. 

And, as long as I can still climb the ladder, still manage the electric hedge clipper and not cut through, once again the expensive electrical cord, I will keep giving Babar a haircut.

So, now your assignment is to read to re-read a Babar book and think about the strange relationship between the old rich lady and an elephant, watch Up and have a good cry about the old guy and his wife. Have a good laugh about Russels' relationship with Kevin and buy yourself a copy of Frog and Toad and see what friendship is all about.



  1. So amazing! I loved all those storied as a kid, too. You've inspired me with your storybook gardening. I've been working on planting flowering bushes and plotting to make a fairy garden for the granddaughter... now I'll see about adding the story book aspect too! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Isn't it wonderful that grandchildren give us the excuse we need to just have FUN in the yard? Stay tuned for a peek at Mr. M. Mouse's house. I found a little cement door at the garden center. With some adjusting John made it fit the base of a walnut tree that had a nice big hole and now it is the daily talk from the 6 year old. "I wonder what M. Mouse is doing now?" He seems to have acquired a red motorcycle, a red pick up truck and now is selling pumpkins in his front yard. The fun just won't end. Thanks for stopping by, :)Bea

    1. You are an awesome GrammyBea! I love that she is telling you the stories of the characters now. At 3 years old I am learning she already has a fantastic imagination and loves sharing the stories of her world, so much more to look forward to in the coming years. I can't wait to hear the adventures of M. Mouse at your house!