Thursday, September 10, 2015


The strange thing about time traveling is that you think you can come back exactly when you want to but something always seems to go a little wobbly.
It feels like I just left and yet well there it is, it's September and it appears from the pile of mail in the hallway that I've been gone a little longer than I thought.

I suppose I could have gotten a better shot if I had been brave enough to actually step through a portal.  Portal viewing will bring out the wuss in a lot of people it seems.

There were times when I would peer out a portal only to find my worst nightmares staring back at me.

Sometimes I could wander through never ending tunnels or rooms 
and although they were beautiful and quiet I longed to see something familiar.

And, then without warning the walls would change, light would change and everything including my hands seems to be in pixels.

Then without warning, bells beeping, a buzzing sound like a thousand yellow jackets heading your way, the portal opens and there it is, the something familiar that you wished for. Perhaps not the right color but still familiar enough to remind you that your tea water is hot, it's time to take a break .

Yes, well, there's the problem with time traveling in a nutshell.  My tea is stone cold, my graham cracker is limp and soggy and dust covers my desk. Apparently, I did not just step out, for a moment.

So, if you are still there, waiting patiently or perhaps not so patiently, would you like to sit down and have a cuppa and catch up?
I'll put the kettle on, shall I?

:)Bea, who has been to the far reaches of the galaxy and back or not.

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