Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I haven't taken a early morning photo shoot ride is quite a while.
Waking up to fog was all the incentive I needed.  I grabbed my coffee, camera and an extra charged battery and took to the back roads. Come along with me and enjoy the beauty of my little part of the world.

The fog hadn't burned off yet but the sun was up high enough to start to give the landscape this beautiful golden glow.

I grew up in Southern New Jersey, went to collage in southern Pennsylvania so what I see on these drives is dear to me. But, I lived in Wisconsin for over 30 years and maybe only traveled out in this direction once or twice.

I was busy, I had a young family, commitments and I certainly didn't have time to cruise around on a Sunday morning for two hours out on back roads.

I also didn't own a decent camera.  When I look at old pictures I'm amazed at what I did manage to capture.

 Still have my love for old barns.  They are disappearing quickly. Two that I loved to photograph over the years have been stripped of their wood sides and left to cave in.  A sight that actually brings tears to my eyes.

 I stopped to take this picture and thought I could almost see baseball players starting to emerge from the rows.
There are those who love the Sumac. This is for you. You know who you are.

 Where I grew up, the farmers, quiet Quakers left rectangular shaped hay bales in the fields, to be collected. When I first saw these round ones out here I fell in love with them.  Apparently, so did Frank Lloyd Wright.  He had the local farmer leave a number of them on the sloping fields of Taliesin.

Despite the sun coming up, I would hit pockets of fog on the road.
In my latter years of life I have come to find these pictures I take of roads a metaphor for my journey through life.

This is untouched by human hand but lovingly touched by Mother Nature.

It's possible these days for everyone to take great pictures. Camera phones do an amazing job.  But like art and the proverbial comment "I could do that," you actually have to get out there and DO IT.

It doesn't matter where you live. Find beauty, mystery or the environment at a different time of day, different weather conditions and take some pictures.  Find out what your soul longs to see through the lens.  Stop taking selfies and look beyond yourself.
Look at this amazing world and then raise the camera to your eyes and zero in on what catches your attention.  Later when you go through your shots you will begin to see a pattern emerge.

You are where you are right now, for a reason. You might think it is one thing but let the camera trigger your deeper self and get a glimpse into another reason.


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