Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Anybody seen a vampire bunny around?

Your eyes do not deceive you and no I did not gesso the pumpkin. Riley and I are POSITIVE we have a Vampire Bunny on the loose in our yard.
Is it possible that this cute little stone rabbit comes alive at night and has sucked the color right out of our pumpkins?
Could there be something larger, something that comes out of the wood only during a full moon?
Is it possible to scare ourselves silly? Oh yeah.
We've read Bunnicula, the accused Vampire Bunny.
We know that there are things in the world we don't understand, like sound waves, how the clocks on all of our devises always have the correct time, how the telephone works, let alone a cell phone.  We know that there is magic out there, just look at the woolly caterpillar I mean how does he know how much black hair to grow vs brown hair? Is it even called hair on a caterpillar?
So, Riley and I put our heads together and decided to state the facts, "Just the facts, mam."
Fact: The pumpkins were purchases already grown in little pots from a local grower.
Fact: The only tag they had on them was PUMPKINS.
Fact: The tomatoes on another table had a sign Heritage Tomatoes, which gave us a huge clue.
In my day, back when books existed as scrolls tucked nicely on a shelf, we would have had to look high and low for one that discussed what Heritage seeds were.
In Riley's day we simply sat down at the computer and typed in Heritage WHITE PUMPKINS.
And, there they were Casper (don't you love that?) I had to explain who Casper, the ghost, was to her, Casper Pumpkin, Cucurbita maxima.
This year we have white pumpkins. I suggested to Riley that we could paint orange stripes on them and then people would have to guess, like the stripes on a zebra, is it black on white or white on orange.

:)Bea, who can find her own excitement in the pumpkin patch.

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