Monday, April 13, 2015


Remember the angry fence? Back around the holidays I drove by this house and was shocked to find that a huge, nasty old looking fence had been put up, almost over night?
I pondered about what the house on the left had done to anger the neighbors on the right. The property seemed well kept, the decorations not my style but certainly not fence blocking bad.
At the beginning of March the fence in all its ugliness was still standing, dividing the two properties right down the middle. Remember this wasn't a fence to keep anything in or out it was simply an "in your face" fence.

Then I drove by about about three weeks ago and found the fence was being taken down. Imagine my surprise when I saw the large board sections being stacked against.........
are the ready for this?  The house on the left.  The house with the Christmas decorations. The "innocent" house or so I thought. 

Apparently, not only was the fence put up by the house on the left but they put and trust me when I say this, it was not, the "pretty" side facing themselves. Not the legal way fences are to be put up. You want a fence up you have to look at the backside of it. Nice side goes facing outwards.

So, there are the posts, cut down at ground level, the board sections stacked against the side of the house and the fence in no more.

I mused about this on the short drive to the gym and then thought to myself, ok, probably see it go up right side out, but then why cut the posts off at the ground?

A problem like this could occupy my thoughts for longer but I had a good book so I forgot the matter.

Went away for a couple of days to visit a dear friend and when I came back...........
Yup, a For Sale sign now graces the lawn.

Now, I remember saying I would send healing thoughts their way. I certainly didn't expect the answer would be this. There are no longer any board sections stacked against the side of the house. Christmas decorations are long gone. Drapes are drawn. All is quiet except for the row of stubs on fence posts, cemented into the ground.

Now there is a story there I would love to know. I can think of a couple of ways it might have gone but those aren't very pleasant thoughts to think about.


10/13/2015 - Note
House was bought by a flipper. You should have seen how fast and furious the different people worked on ripping out
the kitchen, bathroom, new garage door, landscaping and flooring.  Then after three weeks the house was put back on the market.  That was back in March.  The house is still for sale.  I

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  1. wow...the neighbors on the left dislike the people on the right so much that the went to the extremes of a) putting up a fence b) putting up the fence intentionally backwards, because why give the people you dislike so much the benefit of looking at the nice side of a fence and c) when all else has failed...clearly the fence didn't' solve the problems, they decided to pack up and move. and the fence was such an eye-sore, obviously it would hurt their own property value. Some bad stuff has gone down between these two houses. Legal actions, maybe.