Wednesday, March 04, 2015

You asked me so now I'm telling you.

Some time between 4:00 and 4:30 while I am cocooned in my nice warm bed I start to hear the voice of Jonny Lee Miller, Sherlock Holmes, on the TV show, Elementary.  He is saying, "No excuses." Something he once said, in character, about thinking about skipping his addiction meetings.
And, so I get up much to the delight of new kitten, Joey.  He jumps up and down on the bed trying to get me to move faster. He knows the routine, I'll dress, feed Murphy, go downstairs and feed him and the other two cats. I'll let Murphy out, make coffee, let Murphy back in, grab coffee and my gym bag and hit the road.
It's dark and cold at 4:45. I'm lucky if I see one or two other cars out on the road. The traffic lights are all still on blinking mode.
There are people in the gym, already, in fact, I often see a car or two leaving when I arrive which means that they get there even earlier than me. I wonder if they have problems sleeping or are off to early morning jobs.
That's how the pool usually looks when I get there.
I have the place mostly to myself at least until 5:30, then the regulars arrive. We all take our favorite lanes, mine closest to the wall.  I have this idea that it is shallower there even though the numbers of the wall tell me that the entire pool is supposed to be 4'6" deep. I know for a fact that if I get stuck in the middle lane the water is up to my chin and often in my mouth. Not pleasant.
I run in the water. Not as easy as you would think. I need to push my body weight through the water. My arms aren't pulling me along like swimming it's my legs that have to do the work. Although, I think I might be seeing less underarm flab since I've been doing this.  I still won't be waving goodbye to anybody in a t-shirt but it doesn't seem a tad less wobbly.
After an hour of this I change back into gym clothes and hit the equipment. I find a really good Science Fiction book takes my mind off of the fact that it seems like I have been elliptical machine for hours and only 4 minutes has passed. I just finished a new book by Morgan Rice.  It has a dragon in it, I mean can you really ask for more?
After 30 minutes I move to the recumbent bike and do 20 minutes. 
The sun is now coming up when I leave the gym. My coffee is still hot. Thanks Justin and Shari for getting me a better thermos. This one does the trick. The traffic is all going the other way now. 

I'm home now, boy am I tired and sore.

 Just a little nap. Twenty minutes..............please.


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