Monday, March 23, 2015

Snow, snow GO AWAY!

I know I tell people that when it snows at the end of March or April that I'm not bothered because it's going to melt quickly. I know I give off that air of spring is here confidence but it's a sham. 
I knew it was snowing last night and I thought it would stop but this morning.........
it is still coming down.  Oh, we will probably end up with a little over an inch of fluffy stuff. And, it is going to warm up to 60 on Wednesday so logically, in a grown up manner I should simply ignore this.
But the gardener in me, the one who spent the other day, trimming flowering trees, cutting back dead plants in garden beds and cleaning off the decks WANTS THIS STUFF GONE!
I admit that without any rain we hadn't started to green up much. But, I certainly didn't want to look out the window and see white, white, white again.
And, yes I know I am whining and Boston is still looking at old dirty snow from their terrible winter but this blog is about me, me, me and my pain.
Of course, you do know me and know that I am kidding.  

Here are two entries for Black & White Challenge Monday. Sad and bleak. There is no joy in Dog In The Hole this morning.
On another topic.........
 What do you think it is? 
There has to be a way of getting in there.
Come on Joey, think of something. 
It shouldn't have happened.  There is screen around the top of the vent pipe for the fireplace but someone a little bird, not a bright bird, found his way down into the fireplace.
Now, before everybody gets upset at me there is no way, by myself, I am going to try to open that heavy fireplace door, throw something over a bird and get him out safely.
I also wasn't going to risk the chance that I would miss my mark and he would escape into the house. 
Nope not going to happen.
Riley has told me about their problem solving program at school called, S.T.E.P.
See the problem.
Think of a solution.
Explore your consequences.
Pick the best solution.
Well, I saw the worst case consequence of me trying, by myself to capture a bird and it wasn't pretty.
I remember a bat loose in the old house, that wasn't pretty either. Oh, and then the ground hog that was in the country house.......yeah, my record isn't so hot.
So, for a day, the troops were entertained with staring at the glass front of the fireplace. 

Now, to take your mind off of that last section here's a beautiful picture of a sundog I got the other morning. I couldn't see the one on the opposite side because of the extensive cloud cover but I just caught this at the right moment.
And, finally here's my favorite one of the week. The sun was just hitting the old corn field and tree with perfect light, strange light. That's the field across from my house. I probably have a dozen pictures of that tree and field taken at different times of the day. This one by far, I think, is the prettiest.

So, have a great day!  Do something creative. :)Bea

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  1. loved the black and white challenge--but the gorgeous color photos really lifted my spirits this morning. No snow here, but lots of grey and rain. Thanks for the light this morning.