Thursday, March 12, 2015

Qigianglong gets more layers.

Do you remember Qijianglong?

Some called it my "orange piece", some said it was "dark" and even more just said "interesting" which is a polite way of not saying anything negative.

It's ok, my feelings aren't hurt. I happen to love my dragon. He's had a bit of a transformation though.

After rethinking what kind of wall and moving him from a cave wall to an old China Temple wall I redid the background colors.

It may look pinkish purple to you but it's really red, stripe of blue and the top part yellow. Dirty colors I will admit but it is an OLD OLD chunk of wall.
You will also notice that Qijianglong also now sports a rather metallic look under his layers of paint.

Oh does he. Yesterday I spent time patiently working with metal leaf. If you haven't worked with it before it's a bugger. Most of it got on the dragon, quite a bit on my fingers and work shirt and a few tiles on the floor have a sparklie look to them now.

I can see why Martha S. just uses her spray can of gold to guild things. Much, much easier.
I used gold leaf and a mixed metal leaf.
Then you let it dry.

Then I came back later and painted it with a smattering of colors and let that dry.

Tum de dum, dum, well I don't really just sit around waiting for it to dry.  I have a couple of other projects in different stages to work on.

Once the paint was dry I got out my cute little orbital electric sander.  It's soooooooooo cute!
And sanded the crap out of Qijanglong.

I'm not sure these photos do it justice. He really looks very flashy in an old wall sort of way.

So, on to the next step. The canvases have been removed from their wooden frames.  I will attach them to gessoed Styrofoam and then build up the sides with heavy medium compound. 

When I was in Florida I saw a chunk of Roman wall tile that had been removed and was on display in a museum. I liked the way it looked so I am going to try to duplicate that look for Qijianglong.

Then it will be mounted on this wonderful canvas I found at Michael's. It is covered with a textured wheat colored burlap. They had them on display for some project but I thought they would be perfect for my project!

It's slow going but so far I'm pleased. If you haven't looked it up Qijianglong is, in fact, a real thing. Not found in a temple though. He was in the ground found by some workers. Apparently 50 feet long and lived 160 million years ago.

My guy is a reproduction created on an old Temple wall.  How old is the temple?  hmmmm why would they have a painting of a dragon that looks very much like Qijianglong would have. 

He's not your typical Chinese dragon is he?  :)Bea

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