Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hunderwasser Heaven for you and me.


Welcome to Hunderwasser Heaven. It is finished, well except for a coat of faux wax. Chris Cosen inspired this piece.  In the online class I am taking she does a little demo about making an abstract landscape. It's something that I have done before with fused fabrics.
I guess before when I was doing one I was more concerned with color and place and making it something that would remind my mother of Portugal.
It really was an abstract piece but I never said those words in my mind when I was working on it.

This time I started out thinking about combining acrylic, papers and fabric in an abstract landscape.
I admit I got a little carried away.  I am not a mininalist. I love tucking one more little thing behind something, under something, just to make the viewer come in a little closer. And, I got to thinking about Hunderwasser and how much he would have enjoyed designing an entire city to make people smile.


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