Sunday, March 29, 2015

From the woods to the beach.

This is one of those times I wish I had a telephoto lens for my camera. I would have gotten a clear and beautiful shot of this Red Tail Hawk sitting by its new nest.
I've always known that a pair nested in our woods. I could never find the nest. Yesterday, while driving home up the road that runs by the North end of the woods I spotted one of the hawks up in a tree by the very edge of the woods. A nest that hadn't been there a week ago now filled a v-shaped limb.

I don't know how many eggs they lay.  I know that over the past 15 years out here I've only ever seen one baby each year, make it to flying stage.  

I had a visitor out in the studio yesterday afternoon. Riley came out to work on some coloring of pictures when she spotted my scrap bin on the work table.
She asked me what I was working on and I told her I was in the beginning stages of pulling a color palette for an abstract piece. Of course, she wanted to work on her own piece. I've been teaching her how to use the little color wheel I have for just color selection for her paint projects.
I think she did an excellent job of making this rather interesting abstract fabric square. She hasn't tacked or sewn anything down yet.  We took this pictures so we could turn it into a black and white and take a look at value and contrast. 
As far as I am concerned it is never to young to hear the terms and meanings and get her to see how they apply. Then we will talk about any changes she wants to make to the piece. I think I'll have her use a glue stick to attach the pieces before we learn how to use the sewing machine.
I've been looking in my computer for old pictures of the Studio Artists. I've come across a number of folders in my computer picture section that are from four years ago and in unlabeled or sorted folders.
Like a golfer that can remember a course, hole, ball placement and number of strokes I remember exactly where I was standing, the weather, light and when I took a picture. I remember this early morning walk along the beach clearly.
It was a morning that shore birds ignored me and concentrated on the ocean waves coming in. I have no idea what kind of birds or gulls these are. I love their markings. I love the contrast of the dark ones in there with the light ones. I love that the composition has a diagonal slant and makes a triangle.
Well, I tried the faux wax method on my collage, Hundertwasser's Heaven. I followed the recipe, mixed the soft gel matte to the inference colors and the pinhead amount of Nichol gold and spread it on thickly.  While applying it I have to say it did give the appearance of wax, especially when you smoothed it and spread it around. Apparently, over night though it leveled itself out and the next morning there isn't a clue that anything had been applied. Well, I take that back since I had used gloss medium the matte had taken all the shine off the piece. It's framed now in a modern looking black frame. I didn't use real wax because my substrate wasn't going to be strong enough to hold it. I guess I am going to have to research this more if I plan to try it again on a piece.

Have a creative day. Let your soul dance! :)Bea

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