Friday, March 06, 2015

Black & White photography NOT Monday!

Monday has come and gone.
I meant to post these but the days slipped by me.
I seem to have been chasing them all over the place.

Monday, we took down the Overture show.
It was a milestone for our group and now a new journey lies before us.

Tuesday, a sudden urge hit me and I spent the day in the Studio, working on...
Hundertwasser Heaven.

Wednesday, I had my hair cut by my Russian stylist.
We discussed individual family members in her family and the roles they felt they must play out. Rather like discussing the hierarchy of a wolf pack.

Thursday, I had tea with a good friend and listened to a group of knitters, establish their right to the coffee house with extremely loud talking and braying.
We get it, you come here every week, every Thursday, this is your "house".

Friday, so today is Black and White Photo Day. I rather like the selection for this week.  All taken outside, early morning, cold, cold, cold weather. But the light is marvelous.

Sunday we get to move our clocks forward. It messes with my sleep patterns for awhile but I do get a sense that Spring really is coming while I reset the clocks.

Today, the Studio Artists meet to go over getting together all the materials we need to send to a members daughter.  She in turn is going to make a DVD for us of our Overture show, a spot highlighting each of us individually and put our artwork to music.
Sounds rather exciting! We plan to use this once it is transferred to a flash drive that we can send along with our Introduction letter to future venues.

Once that is done we can start sending Women Inspiring Women on the road. Very exciting.

Have a great day do something creative today.
Make your soul dance with joy.


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  1. As always, great photos and what's the story behind "heaven?" The DVD sounds wonderful. Hope you'll post a link on your blog when it's done. Stay warm and keep your colorful urges creating.