Monday, March 16, 2015

Black & White Challenge Monday the 16th

Another Monday, another post to the, self imposed, Black & White Photo Challenge.  I love this old shed sitting out in the middle of a corn field. I've taken photos of it before, actually put it into an acrylic painting called, Moving On. I try to capture it in different weather, light and angles before a storm knocks it down or the farmer does. 
Another one of my favorite abandoned buildings. 
Sometimes I just like the contrasts and the details.
Here's one that will do double duty as part of my Journey Series too.

Sometimes it is easy to get a shot of the road ahead without another vehicle in the picture. Most of the time I'm out and about when few people are. I'm usually going in a different direction from where the main stream of traffic is going, which probably says a lot more about me than I realized.
My Journey Series seems to have a large number of roads that turn into the unknown, head straight up to the top of the hill or in some cases aim for a tunnel like structure. I'm trying to think of the photos and other than one taken on the highway to Chicago there just aren't any other cars in the shot. And, I can remember quite clearly my frustration in that highway shot of feeling herded along at an amazingly slow pace with all those other cars.
Generally, I don't like crowds. I have on occasion put myself in the middle of say a food court at lunch time to hear the voices and feel the energy coming off the students around me. But, I'm sitting, where I want to sit.  I'm not being shuffled along with the masses. Most be some cellular memory going on there and not a particularly happy one.

I was unable to connect up with my blog on the 14th.  I hope you all celebrated Pi day in a creative fashion.
We took Riley out for pizza pie! In case you missed the day and its import, March 14 offered a once in a century moment.  Well, perhaps two moments.
On 3.14.15. at 9:26:53 am and pm the time reflected the first 10 digits of the mathematical constant pi.

I know there is a t-shirt in that.

It was also Albert Einstein's birthday. Not as big a whoop as Pi day. I mean his b-day comes around every year.

And, not to leave Sunday the 14th out of great events.
Grandpa took off the training wheels on Riley's bike, for good at her request. After a few false starts and problem solving that taking off from a flat surface like the basketball court was easier than the grass the girl just flew. This bike is to small for her but Mary is going to take off the training wheels on the bike she has at her apartment. Now, she can watch Riley zoooooooom up and down the sidewalk in front of their place.
The weather was finally spring like around here. We got some outdoor chores done.  I got in the garden and cleaned up some garden beds. The grass is starting to green up.  A good rain should help.

I don't know what kind of day we have in store for us today.  This sunrise was rather dark and never did get any color to speak of. But, Wisconsinites are happy because the BASKETBALL TEAM beat Michigan last night in over time and this morning they are FIRST TIME EVER - FIRST SEED! Big deal here in dairyland.

Be creative today.  Have a great day.  :)Bea

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