Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Backing plate & brake rotor?

On the left you have a tinney tiny little pebble next to a group of four staples for a normal size, Stanley Bostitch stapler.

Do you see how tiny that pebble is?

On Friday morning as I made a hard right into the driveway for the gym, my car which had been periodically entertaining me with weird squealing noises, suddenly made loud, ungodly noise as if every thing that was metal under the car, on the back right passenger side was about to fall off.

It's hard to attract the attention of gym goers at 4:30 on a cold morning as they race to the building doors.
This noise did it.  They stopped and stared, probably waiting to see what parts of the car would be dropping off as I parked. 

I honestly was afraid to drive the thing home again.
I did but it sat in the garage the entire weekend until I hauled it off to see the mechanic.

Four hours later I was $55.00 poorer and standing at the payment desk studying this tiny little pebble.
"You have to be kidding me" I told the young woman.
"Well, I can have Arnie come out and explain it to you if you want" she told me, smiling brightly.
"You betcha I do", absolutely positive that there was no way that tiny little pebble had caused so much noise. I hear a boulder back there or a steel bowling ball grating against metal.

Thanks to Arnie I am now well versed on backing plates and brake rotors and the damage that a tiny little pebble from the road can do. And, if I am so inclined, Arnie told me, I can get down on the ground with a broomstick and give the backing plate a good whack or two and see if that dislodges the next unwanted pebble visitor.

Yeah, sure Arnie, when pigs fly.

Who knew?  Well now, I do and hopefully you'll remember this blog if and when you ever hear squealing noises from the rear end of your car that sound like two mighty knights dueling with heavy swords. Or a loud grinding noise that surprise the @#%^ out of you.

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