Sunday, February 01, 2015


They tell us we will get five more inches today. Certainly not as much as our East coast kin have received.  The snow is coming down sideways from the north. It's actually blowing out from the woods which sit on the north side of our property. Rather neat to see.

I filled the feeders yesterday and there has been a lot of activity on them.  John actually had to fix the front deck feeder because a squirrel had managed to pull out the little feeding stand and hole to let the seed pour out of the feeder. Crafty little rats, they are.

I plan on helping Riley finish her 100 Items project for school, maybe bake some cookies with her and then head over to the studio.

It's just a good day to stay inside somewhere, doing something fun and hopefully creative with someone.
I tell myself that living in this environment creates spaces of opportunity for me to do these kinds of things and that if I lived in a warm climate I would fill my time with outside chores, activities and errands.
Yeah, I know, keep telling myself that, right?

My e-book was upstairs when I was going out the door to the gym so I grabbed a well loved book to read while I rode the bike and elliptical machines.
In The Night Garden by Catherynne M. Valente.
If you love fairy tales, magic and that type of genre then you might enjoy this book. 

A girl with inked eyelids tells stories to a curious prince, the stories all linking to each other.  These are great tales and they certainly kept my attention as I kept my arms and feet moving for an hour and a half.

Do something creative today!  :)Bea

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