Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Abstract Art

                                                             THE WALL #1
                                                             16" x 20"
                                                             Mixed Media

I've finished three in THE WALL series.  I'm really pleased with these abstract pieces.  They are many, many layered pieces of collage papers and acrylic paint with a wax like finish to the piece.

This is the second piece in the series.  Collage papers, stamped deli paper, acrylic skins, acrylic paint and painted tissue paper create many layers to this piece. 

I love the texture on this one, created with crackle paste and layers of paint and stain. Again handmade papers, collage papers and dyed cheesecloth add to the layers and depth on this one.  
All three are 16" x 20". 

I put a thick layer of heavy gel medium on each of them. Now that they are finally dry, it creates the same look as a wax coating does. I wanted to make sure that no pieces from the crackling worked themselves off the canvas over time.

I needed to get back to my roots when I finally found time to spend in the studio. I love collage, layers, lots of texture, using different mediums in a piece so starting on the first piece seemed a given.  It just worked its self into a series. 

The Women Inspiring Women Exhibit will be coming down from the gallery at Overture Center on March 2nd.  These pieces will be added to the show as we prepare to find our next venue for it.


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  1. Absolutely vibrant and beautiful!