Monday, February 02, 2015


The aftermath of a snowstorm and a sunny day makes for an easy black and white photo shoot.
It's groundhog day and since I could certainly see my shadow this morning I'm guessing "old Jimmy" the groundhog saw his.

I have a thing about taking shadow pictures. I guess it really fits in with my weird obsession with taking texture pictures too. I think it comes down to a, Is this really what you think it is, question.

Ok, technically this isn't black and white but I loved how blue the snow looked in the light.

I remember when I was out in Montana in early June and a fellow researcher on the Wolf Study in Yellowstone, took me for a drive up to the edge of the northern part of the park.  The snow was still higher than a car and blue. It was the strangest thing to drive through this tunnel of plowed snow and see blue snow. Not to mention that it was strange to see so much snow in the beginning of June.
I carved a Happy Anniversary message to John in the plowed snowbank. 

Today, report cards go back to school signed. I saw Riley's and she's doing supper. They grade the combined K and 1st grade class with a numeric system, three being the highest grade.  She came home with all 3's in all subjects. We celebrated by bringing home some Chinese food and watching her favorite movie, .......oh come know it..........every little girl?    FROZEN!

I think I've seen that more times than I can count.

Please don't hum, doyouwanttobuildasnowman. NO NO NO Don't do that!!!!!!

I'm zooming in the studio.  I'll post some pictures tonight when I get back home.  I'm finally putting all the "ideas" I have had for the past couple of months into action. It feels so good.

Have a creative day!  You know your soul will thank you.  :)Bea

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