Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Great Story.

It's a sad fact of life that holding hands with another person is only comfortable if you both have arms the right length.  
I found it enjoyable to sit and watch people walk by while I ate my lunch. I discretely took photos of any that I saw holding hands.
The finger clasp.
The fist hold.
The Mama/Son support hold.  This one was really sweet. I watched him very sweetly steer her around advertising posters and people as they walked. 

Yesterday, John and I took in an afternoon movie something we rarely are able to do.  We saw Birdman. There's another two hours of my life gone.
I disagree with the woman behind me who declared loudly, at the end of the movie, "BRILLIANT". Definitely a time when a comment tells you more about the person than the object. 

If curious about it at least wait until it reaches rental stage and save yourself some money. Speaking of money, there were no ticket takers at the theater.  You put your credit card in a machine and punched in the information for your ticket. Then you simply walked in the large theater lobby and found your theater.  It would be possible for a person to just walk in, not pay, spend the day going from one show to another.  I guess they find the honor system works better than paying an employee.  I hate to see any situation where a person loses a chance to have a job.

I want a good story in a movie.  I'm not asking for much.  I want to care about a character.  I want to see some plot, decent dialogue and decent acting.
I'm not interested in violence, blood & guts, foul language or probably anything that the average young movie goer wants. I just want a good story.  I want to hang on to every word and take the journey with the characters.

And, as the listener or viewer I wanted to be treated with respect. I want the A-team story tellers to show up.

Riley watched The Princess Pride last weekend for the first time, with us.  I glanced over at her often to watch her reaction and expression.  She was spell bound. She sat with her eyes focuses on the screen. When the movie was over she turned to me and said, "That was great!"  One of Grammybea's top ten Great Movies.

A good story.


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