Monday, January 19, 2015


It's really how you look at things, you know. I remember hearing a story about a workshop participant that cried because what she drew didn't look anything like anybody's elses work, in the group.
She said, through her sobs, that she was trying to draw the way they were but she just didn't see what they were seeing.
The friend that was sharing that story felt that perhaps she was being a tiny, just a tiny little bit of a drama queen. 

I suspect that she really didn't interpret things the same way in her mind. If people have trouble reading because letters aren't in the right places, I can easily imagine that other shapes or lines can get distorted.

I have to say I love my photo editing element on my laptop. There are some pictures that look great in color, you actually need the color.  And, others that look much better in black and white. Some need to be cropped. Ok, perhaps not as much as I do but I really like to have a picture that makes people pause for a second and wonder what the heck it is. 

My oldest son tells me that when he left out a Textures Photo Book that I had self published, on his coffee table, that guests tried to guess what the picture was. Job done!

So, these are my entries for my self imposed, answer to Donna's Sketch a Day challenge.
Perhaps only one will leave you scratching your head.
Enjoy your day and hopefully do something creative today.  Remember it's good for your health.

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  1. Very interesting photos. I think if the design is interesting it doesn't matter what the image actually is. I love cropping too! I've never seen a photo (as least one Ive taken) that doesn't improve with a good crop!