Friday, January 02, 2015


What happens when you put a five year old and a nine year old, a puppet theater stage, building blocks, flashlight and a basket full of hand puppets together?
I'm sure there is a joke in there somewhere but for our purposes it's a puppet show produced by Riley and Sawyer.
I sat over in the corner at the computer table and watched and listened to the whole process.
They had been to see the movie Big Hero 6 in the afternoon. After vetoing a play about Big Smelly Bear rehearsed by Riley and voted down by Sawyer they agreed on doing a short version of Big Hero 6.
Once that was settled they assigned Curren, age four to building a concession stand to sell popcorn. 
Every body's energy was put into construction, debating what should be used for pretend popcorn (they eventually settled on the small yellow building blocks).
Chairs and stools were gathered. Rory, age almost 3 was sent upstairs to announce to the grownups that the play was about to begin.  I mean who can refuse to move themselves out of their comfy chairs and couches, turn off their phones or pads and troop downstairs to watch "the children".
Sawyer built a structure with building blocks that could hold the flashlight. Riley entertained the crowd with an explanation of what a Rain Stick was and what it sounded like and then they began the play.
Yes, we were all supportive, clapping and laughing when cued. We all made the appropriate sounds to the story line. We were a good audience.
What I loved the most was the confidence that these kids had. They had fun, they didn't worry themselves silly about the results, they problem solved and created a unique performance. 
They didn't worry about where they were going exactly. They took pleasure in exploring uncharted territory.  Basically they embraced with enthusiasm the challenge of putting on a puppet play.

We need, as adults, to remember that we can create art. Everything we create will be a unique personal expression and some pieces you will like and others you won't like and as I read once the only thing you can do wrong in art in NOT make art.

We absolutely need to put the stuffy, opinionated part of ourselves away somewhere. We need to remember that we can't control the likes and disliked of anybody else. TUNE THEM OUT. 

Remember that whatever you created might have only been the start of something. It might have just gotten your creative juices flowing. 

You need to embrace the fact that every piece leads to choices and options that can have any number of positive results.

So, don't just THINK about making art, pick up that pencil, crayon, marker and MAKE ART. 

So, turn on the flashlight, close the curtains and create a shadow puppet production. Surprise yourself.
And, when you are done and you have finished patting yourself on the back. Come back for an encore and belt out...........

:) Bea

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  1. AMEN! Clap, clap, clap. CLAP (loudly)!