Thursday, January 22, 2015

Having some fun with abstract art.

For the month of January, 3150 Studio Artists have been doing some exercises and techniques to help in our study of Abstract Art. 
We have worked on Contour Drawing of 3 different compositions, drawing the first one quickly, the second one slowly and the third using squares for the shapes. And, all the time making sure that we were concentrating on keeping our eyes on the composition and not our drawing pads.

We have done some Automatic Drawing which could be said is much like a scribble drawing. We started out with large sheets of drawing paper taped to the worktable. With our large marker in our dominant hand, eyes closed we made large sweeping motions with our arms, moving our bodies as we just allowed our inner child to play. This was a timed exercise, less than a minute. Then we used a smaller tip marker in our non dominate hand, closed our eyes and made short, quick drawing movements on the paper. Again, less than a minute and as usual not one of the drawings by the different artists looked anything alike.
We looked for shapes, Did we draw any similar shapes in different sizes? After turning our drawings around most of us began to see something emerge from this mass of lines. Here my bug-eyed lady said hello.
Donna, Riley and I did this on Monday. It really is the most relaxing, enjoyable warm up exercise.
Riley thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with us. She took doing the exercise very seriously. Hey, what's not to love when you get to use markers and poster paint?
I don't have a picture of Donna's but after two hours of coloring in her drawing she discovered a beautiful head and wing of a peacock.
I found these three friends in mine. 
I found the exercise relaxing and freed my mind up to wander through other creative ideas and problem solve a current piece I am working on.

These two developed from a scribble challenge I gave myself to just draw rectangles and the landscape challenge was just using short and long lines.

It's all good. It just gets you back into a no pressure zone to play. 

I hope you get to play today. Do something creative.

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  1. I love doing drawings without looking at the paper. It's so amazing what comes out on the page. I once took a class where we had a large paper on our drawing board and drew the same face about 8-10 times without looking at the paper. By the tenth face it looks so close to the person it is weird. It's like your hand knows the shape and is refining it with every iteration. Your making me want to do some drawing exercises!