Thursday, January 08, 2015


There is a point in time, say a beautiful spring day when someone will look at me and say, "See, you wouldn't enjoy a day like this if you had it all the time."
This morning as I picked up my car, from the dealership and got in it and felt the ice cold seat freeze my bum, I wondered about that statement.
My car had been in for repairs and I had dropped off the rental car this morning, trading it for my ice cube of a car.  All my water bottles, sitting in the door pockets were frozen. I put my free cup of coffee, from the dealership, I did pass on the donuts, popcorn and fresh baked cookies they offer, on the passenger seat until I could find room in my cup holder for it. Of course, it spilled.  Much to my surprise the coffee beaded up and frosted the seat, even harder to wipe up. 
-8, coffee gone unless I wanted to pop a bead of it in my mouth, like those little ice cream beads they sell at the basketball games. 
No gloves with me.  Ok, that was stupid I admit but I rushed out of the house, into a warm attached garage, no coffee mind you, into a warm rental car and didn't even dream that I would be getting into an icepop of a car.
So, I drummed my fingers and hands on the wheel as if I was keeping time to a reggae song, looked wishfully at the passenger seat and my beaded up coffee and drove home. By the time I pulled into the garage my car was toasty warm. It's going to smell wonderful the next time I get in to it.  I'm sure whatever coffee drained down behind the seat is going to make me feel like I am driving a Starbucks delivery car for a while.
On Monday morning while waiting to go to school, Riley asked me if while I worked on my blog, she could work in her new Elsa Journal book that Uncle Justin and Aunt Shari had given her. She filled out the first couple of pages with my help, eye color, hair color those kind of questions.  Then she was asked what would she consider one of her special talents.
"What's a talent" she asked.
"Something you are good at doing" I replied.
She thought for a bit, "I'm good at lots of things, like math and going from one side of the monkey bars to the other and walking the balance beam."
"Yup, you are but what would you say is the one thing that you do really, really well and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do it?" I asked her.
She started writing without answering me.


Well, I know what that is and for those of you that can't read 5 1/2 year old spelling, swimming.

I took her to school then I drove to Miller's market.
I picked up some groceries, asked my friend there where she thought the Verona After School Activities office would be.  I had remembered that you could sign up kids for swim lessons in the high school natortium.  She thought for a minute and then suggested the Town Hall.  
Drove over to our new Town Hall.  Didn't remember it even getting built but I know it isn't the same place that I had stopped in 14 years ago.  Nope, no signing up there, try the Parks and Recreaction Department.  That took me to the south side of Verona in the 80s development of metal and concrete block Industrial Park. 

Nice office, nice people but not the place to sign up for swim lessons.  I did get an interesting picture of some grasses for my black and white study.
They suggested the Administration Building for the School system. That took me back into town but also a dead end. The secretary, pleasant but confessed to being new in town suggested I see if anybody was actually in the Natatorium and ask them.
Now, I remind you that Verona is not that big. I have never met so many nice, pleasant but CLUELESS people in official places.
I found my way back to the Nat. and inside a wonderful, knowledgeable woman that signed Riley right up for her class starting that night.
I was glad I hadn't thrown in the towel with frustration.
This is one happy little girl. She is in a class of her swimming peers. Grammy bought her a swim cap just like the other little girls wear and goggles. Although, the putting on of the swim cap the first time reduced her to tears. Once we figured out how to get it on without covering her eyes we were good.

She told Grandpa when he picked her up at after school care that she not only got to swim twice a week for three weeks BUT she got dinner at Grammy's house too!  Trust me that's a big deal when your Mommy doesn't really cook. And, she told him after the three weeks she gets to swim for six weeks just one time a week. How about that?

What would you say your special talent is?

I wish I was five 1/2 because it might be easier for me to come up with one.  Although, frankly when I was her age I don't think I even had a special talent.
I know my mother would say, for me, that it was playing the piano and yes, I had lessons and progressed quickly because of the braid pulling I endured from my piano teacher for every wrong note. But, it wasn't a talent in my book. It wasn't something that I wanted to do.  I didn't even really love it.  Maybe like Elsa we have talents that we have never developed or learned to appreciate. Maybe people around us pushed us towards their talent loves, ignoring our natural tendencies or directions.

Do I have a talent? 

Or is our talent something that other people can see and we can't?

Can we have a passion, a hobby, a calling that we don't even have a talent to do or be?

Well, curious minds are wondering if only to keep themselves warm as they make the long cold walk over to the studio.

What say you?



  1. From this side of the screen I'd say your talent is writing extremely entertaining stories! For me, I'll take a needle and thread any day...but then theres whipping up things in the kitchen....

  2. I think I have lots of talents...abilities that are innate and developed...but not all these are passions. My work in cognitive styles has shown me that the intersection of talent and passion leads to mastery. So I believe that one can have talent and that often leads to interest and focus, but passion is what makes talent special. PS cincinnati dropped to negative digits yesterday. Ugh.