Friday, January 23, 2015


I was driving down one of my favorite roads near my house when like a cartoon character I put on my brakes and backed up the car.

When did this go up?

Why did this go up?


This is one butt ugly, mean, nasty, IN YOUR FACE fences. 

What did these people do that their neighbor felt the need to slap up this fence between their properties over the weekend. Did they really find the Christmas decorations that offensive?
It looks like a nice house. I don't see old rusted cars and junk piled up anywhere. I see a neat yard and a well kept house.

I am just dumbfounded that the people on the right side of the fence found it necessary to put one up and not just any fence but a "I can't see you anymore, I don't want to see you anymore and now you can look at this ugly looking thing for the rest of your days in that house" kind of fence.

This is not a fence put up to keep small children and animals where they belong.  This fence runs just in a straight line between the properties and then ends.
There are no corners.  This doesn't extend beyond this one side.

This seems to be an angry fence, a mean fence, an in your face fence. I have to say I am shocked.

I live in what is still referred to as the country. Proprieties have a good amount of acreage around them. If you see your neighbor it's to wave hello as you drive by them getting their mail out of their mailbox. 

Property lines are pretty clearly marked with large metal posts that are not that easy to remove from the ground. Older homes with what you might think are bachelor farmers and collections of old farm parts, rusted out pickup trucks and assorted sheds are hidden from view by thick stands of trees and brush.

I can't for the life of me think of what the owners of the house on the left must have done to enrage the owners on the house on the right. 

Now, when I drive down this beautiful road I find myself glancing over to that fence every time. I've decided that it is so painful to look at that it needs a little loving energy sent to it. So, I've made it my mission to slow down and if there isn't any traffic to actually stop my car and send some healing thoughts and energy to the areas surrounding that fence and the homes. 

Maybe one day that fence will come down. Maybe if there is still a need for a fence a more more pleasant, friendly looking one will be built.

I can't solve the problem but perhaps I can provide a more positive space for healing to occur.


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