Tuesday, January 27, 2015

10 plus 10 plus 10 plus 10 plus 10 plus 10 plus 10 plus 10 plus 10 plus 10 equals 100

Riley's school is celebrating 100 days of school in February. They have challenged the kids to come up with a poster or 3-D object that represents 100 things. 
She and I threw a number of possible ideas around and she came up with the fact that Grandpa and Grammy have a LOT of books. A LOT!  
Sunday, she and I spent some time gathering stacks of books, counting the stack to make sure there were ten, arranging them all in the same direction so people could actually read the titles and then taking a picture of the stack.
She will group the 10 pictures of 10 stacks on her poster board, label it, sign it and turn it in. 

All Grammy had to do, was teach her the term "lazy man's load". 

Deciding on books was a piece of cake in our house. They are everywhere. I love books. On our hallway table sits a stack of books from the library in addition to what we own. I have books downloaded on my e-reader and my laptop. In the process of putting wood flooring down in one of the bedrooms instead of carpet we had to box up books to get them out of the way.  They now sit in storage in the basement waiting for shelving to be built. 

There are all friends that although I know I probably won't sit down and reread it I enjoy seeing them on a shelf when I pass by. They comfort me. They bring back memories. 

My e-book library does not have the same effect. There I scroll through a list and I have to force myself to remember what the book was about. There is no skimming the back cover or front fly leaf. 

Don't get me wrong I still love the ease of carrying around my e-book. I like that I can adjust the size of the print for tired eyes. I dislike that my fat fingers will often press the side of the page and helpful hints will pop up while I am reading. But having a dictionary right at literally my fingertips is rather nice.

I enjoyed doing school projects with the boys. Mary never seemed to have any for us to work on together. I remember once helping Justin design a game board, for the book Narnia it involved a lot of silver glitter and cotton balls and James a tape recording reading of the Hitchhikers Guide, along with visual aides. 
John helped Justin do a wood working project of building a bench out of a log. It still sits up in our front room. James had to make some sort of corn pudding dish, the early settlers would have had to take to school.

I remember having to do a project when I was in grade school. Something to do with early settlers. I also remember watching my father build the log cabin and glue down fake trees from our train set display. 
I don't actually remember doing anything myself but frankly, just having him there next to me actually working on something for me was great. It probably didn't hurt my grade any either.

 I know that teachers would love the project to come entirely from the child. I'm of the mind that if the child is working with an adult that they are still learning something, they are creating together and that's a good thing. Let's hope there is communication too. 
I suspect that there wasn't much going on between my father and me. I can almost see him in my mind, intently gluing Popsicle sticks with a cigarette dangling out of the corner of his mouth while I watched in awe as a cabin grew out of his efforts.

He earned an A on that project.

Some of my book shelves are dusted as a result of Riley's project.  I guess I should really do the rest of them and yet..........I do have a good book on my e-reader that is just calling to me. Dusting......reading.....dusting.........reading....honestly, there really isn't much of a choice there.

Now, I need to find a cat for my lap.


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