Monday, December 08, 2014

Women Inspiring Women Exhibit open at Overture Center

WOMEN INSPIRING WOMEN open at the Overture Center on December 9, 2014.

We worked hard these past four years to get to this point.
For some reason only one side of the gallery pictures turned out. I must have been moving when I took the other side. It got a little blurry.  The Gallery II is an entrance to the theater and it slopes down as you walk to the theater doors. We had to put up a sight line 5 feet from the floor and attach the string to the wall so we could make sure that our artwork was working with the slope.

We are a Mixed Media & Fiber Art Group so there is a nice mix of art.
I would say that in the past four years we have all grown and developed new techniques and skills in our artwork. From our book study to workshop challenges we have experimented, learned and most of all played. 
This particular show Women Inspiring Women allows us to interpret how a fellow female artist, present or past has inspired us in our own artwork. Perhaps it was their personal technique or vision or maybe it was what they did with their craft that inspired us. 
We all take our inspirations for our art from so many different sources.  Combining our different skill sets and talents with a moment of inspiration we have all come up with some truly unique art pieces.
I am so proud of this group and their art.
I am proud of this show. The Overture Center draws many people for theater shows both traveling and local. 
Out of 90 proposals from different art organizations and artists, which were reviewed by a selection committee, the committee chose 11 exhibitions to complete the 2014-15 Gallery Season.
Our goal is to make this an traveling exhibit. We will continue to add new pieces to it and hopefully find other venues that are interested in displaying it.
We had a preview show at the Verona Library for a month and the comments were very favorable, so we are happy campers.
If you are in Madison from December to March and get a chance to get downtown, drop in at the Overture Center and take a look at the artwork in the three different Galleries.  We are in Gallery II. There are three women artists in each of the other two Galleries but I don't know if they have a theme or not.
For those of you unable to get to Madison, enjoy the photos. Trust me when I tell you that seeing the work in person and close up is quite different but you get the idea.

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