Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sunrise-----------------Sunset, HAPPY NEW YEAR ONE AND ALL

I remember what the captain of the cruise ship told us, on the one and only cruise I have ever taken. 
"Take lots of pictures of a good sunset or sunrise because they all look the same."
I suspect he meant because the only other thing to see besides the sky was water. After taking lots of pictures of both sunrises and sunsets I think they look a lot a like on land too.

It's the end of a year, 2014 and the start of another.

We donated a fine working TV today to an organization that will make good use of it.  We bought it in 1998. That seems so long ago. I didn't think the TV was that old until we found the paperwork. Sixteen years.........I honestly can't think where the time has gone. I have to go backwards in my mind to find events that I can put a date to to work my way back that far. We've been in this house 14 years so that was in the old house.......... that kind of back stepping.

We looked at slides the other night and I looked at my old house, my children as they were small, myself with different hair and body shape and it all seems like it was a different lifetime. 
I've decided that I'm going to view this "time flying" phenomen as my having been in the moment. 

I'm going to look at all those mental and physical snapshots of the past as learning moments, happy moments, chapters from a book that I no longer have to page through. Can't rewrite it or have a do-over.
It's finished. Don't need to highlight it, don't need to underline anything. If I find myself in a situation that seems familiar I can "remember" a lesson and apply the solution if possible.

I'm "LETTING GO" of all the stuff that I can't control.
I may even get a T-shirt printed with the slogan
                              NOT MY MONKEYS
                              NOT MY CIRCUS

I'm determined not to take other people reactions, issues, facial expressions, etc. personally. 

I'm treating adults like adults unless I am told professionally that they aren't, emotionally or mentally an adult. 

I plan to manage my time better.  There are things that I HAVE to do for my health and well being.
These include exercise, healthy eating choices, mental stimulation and a creative outlet.  I HAVE to swim because the time in the water is meditative and allows me to engage my right brain in creative noodling. I have to eat right because if I don't I don't lose weight or my sugar numbers go up and then the Unity magazine on Diabetes has to be read or I feel guilty. I have to actually use the exercise machines because they make me huff and puff which means I am probably actually burning more calories and working my heart harder than those laps in the pool.

I have to work in the studio, PERIOD. 

So, not a lot of resolutions just some HAVE TO DO THIS, items.

I think I can handle this.  Yup, 2015 bring it on, I'm ready.


And, thank you for stopping by or taking the time to read my ramblings when they show up in your mailbox. I hope sometimes I make you smile or even shake or scratch your head. I hope you find it worthwhile to keep me out of your spam folder but if not, thanks again for your time.  To my future great,great grandchildren, etc. this was just a glimpse into my life and I didn't always write about the stuff that made me stamp my feet or swear.

See you in the New Year and the vote seems to be that I should keep the name of my studio the same. It seems that people remember that over my name which seems to be important to some people. Besides, I heard Sophie howling in the wind last night and she seemed a little upset that I would ditch the name based on her story and I spook easily so there.

:)yours truly, Bea

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