Friday, December 12, 2014

Jotting down some thoughts about the season.

We just watched my second favorite Christmas movie, The Polar Express. Last week on movie night we watched Millions, my kick off movie for the holiday season.
Oh, not to worry, I'll get to them all. Some I watch by myself and some I know Riley will enjoy. Tomorrow night while she and John watch Happy Feet 2, I will be watching Homecoming. Remember The Waltons? This was the movie that inspired the TV show. 
Next Friday night it's How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Now, I know the networks like to show these movies but when they are broken up with commercials they lose something and frankly I like to watch them when I want to see them and in the order that keeps me in the right holiday spirit.
Sat. night, the 20th I'll be deciding between George C. Scott in A Christmas Carol or Patrick Stewart  as Scrooge. Tough call.
And, Christmas Eve I'll be watching It's A Wonderful Life and cheering James Stewart on.
I've wrapped all the presents, the tree is up, trimmed and looking beautiful. The charitable donations have gone out. Riley and I have thanked the bell ringers in the market and stuffed money in their bucket. I've made it a point to wish everybody I do business with or come into contact with a Merry Christmas and no longer playing into the PC of saying Happy Holiday instead. 
I enjoyed a wonderful luncheon today with my art buddies. I've cleaned out a room that was organized and looked nice of everything that I really didn't use or had been sitting in the same place for the past five years. A person can only dust around something for some long before you have to ask yourself, "self do you really even like this anymore?"
So, bags and bundles have been carted off to St. Vincents, maybe they will become somebody else's joyful find.
I woke up at 4:00am as usual and thought to myself that maybe I should just try to go back to sleep. Then I remembered that in the sleep study I was fine all night until 4:00 and between 4 and 6:00 I apparently stopped breathing a number of times. It seemed to me, as I lay in bed that if I was going to do that I might as well avoid dying in my bed and at least be doing something productive like running laps in the pool. So I got up, dressed, made my coffee, fed the cats, cleaned the litter boxes, fed Murphy, let Murphy out and in and drove to the gym.
I do rather like having the roads to myself although I'm not fond of driving in the dark anymore.
I find that since my surgery I am extremely relaxed.
Things get done, I'm not feeling the anxiety I felt before which I guess was pretty normal when I think about it.  If it hurts to move one would wonder how things were going to get done.
I'm ready for Christmas and to see the family. I look forward to spending time with friends and just enjoying the season. 
So, my friends I hope you too are enjoying this season. That you take a moment to look around you and see things that you can be thankful for. I hope your To Do List is filled with things that you look forward to doing joyfully and not things that cause you stress. I hope that you too get to put your feet up and watch a favorite seasonal movie.
Most of all I hope that all of us can really SEE with the eyes of a child. That we make time to PLAY.

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