Tuesday, December 30, 2014


The whole Neal clan is here for the "after" Christmas, Christmas. That means that my attention is scattered to the far corners of the earth or at least the house.
We did take our youngest, Mary, out to Quaker Steak and Lube last night for her Birthday dinner.

A dinner out with this gang means tables pushed together, rowdy people changing seats, wandering up and down to visit someone, sample what they ordered. It means when the wandering "Butterfly Lady" shows up you get to follow her off to her table to color or get your face painted. 

Silly Grammy thought the Butterfly Lady was just a happy patron that was wandering around saying hello to people.  Honestly, I thought it was so cool that she was dressed up that way, in the holiday mode.
We've watched slides from far past. A request from one of the adults which surprised me. We watched while children got to open presents from Aunts and Uncles. 
The homemade wagon was such a hit that Grandpa went into the shop and built another one to attach to the first one. 
The basketball hoop installed into the cement wall back in Grandpa's shop has been a hit.  It rather forced Grandpa to actually clean up his shop and to keep Murphy out of there from using it as his private lavatory.
This afternoon I think it's a trip out to see a kids movie, Hero 6 I think I was told.
I had to take my car in for service when out of the blue the Check Engine light, HVC and 4-wheel drive lights all went on and wouldn't go off. I've been driving back and forth to the gym with them all just ignoring them, rather like Penny in The Big Bang show. Although I did know what two out of three of those lights meant.
This gathering I gave myself permission to not feel it necessary to continually straighten up the rooms, wash a floor but rather to just make sure that nothing dangerous was out in any body's path and a quick wipe up of the sticky place on the kitchen floor was good enough for now.  A "lick and a promise" as my grandmother would say.
Thirteen people create disorder. That's a fact. But, it is a short lived mess.  Before you know it they will be driving or flying back home and it will be so quiet around here and I will miss them all so much.
Next Christmas we will be back to St. John. We've booked two houses this time and we've locked in our time slot.  That's something fun for all of us to look forward to.

The cats have adjusted to the addition of extra people and two more dogs. Actually, Joey thinks that Hank the smaller of the Doodles is his new best friend.  Something that sorta freaks Hank out. Penny is so big it's like having a baby polar bear in the house. One that looks a lot like Phyllis Diller. She's sweet and tolerates Louie hissing at him and Murphy wandering around under her legs.
We saw Sun Dogs yesterday morning on the way to the market to buy donuts.
It got me thinking that maybe it's time to make some changes................maybe it is time to retire the name Dog In The Hole Studio and change it to Peacock Studio.  It has been Dog In The Hole Studio for 14 years. Seems like a good time for a change.....hmmmmmmmm
The Peacock went up on the front of the barn back in December of 2013. It's been up and lit ever since.
We had an actual Peahen wander around our yard this summer.  Seems like a sign to me, huh?
I feel like it is just time for a change.
What do you think? Hey let me know, input would be nice. Leave a message or email me at Doginthehole@aol.com
Ta for now.  :)Bea

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